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‘Heavy Metal Church’ Uses Rock Music To Preach About Christ

"Suits and ties are welcome but we encourage concert t-shirts."

  • The First Heavy Metal Church of Christ, as its name implies, uses heavy metal music to preach about Jesus Christ.
  • The church, based in Dayton, Ohio, has attracted followers because of its unique approach to teaching Christianity.
  • Everyone’s welcome and people are even invited to wear their rock t-shirts.

From it’s name alone, it’s easy to tell that it isn’t exactly the kind of church people go to on a typical Sunday. Yet, the Ohio-based church has a clear message for everyone – God rocks.

Founded by Senior Pastor Brian Smith in 2011, the First Heavy Metal Church of Christ (FHMCC) is a church that welcomes literally everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do in life. Anyone can walk in, whether that person’s a biker, a metalhead, an ex-convict, a drug addict, or a prostitute, among others. It definitely looks like a safe refuge “for all the people out there who would never step foot into a traditional church building,” as their official Facebook page says.

In the First Heavy Metal Church, you can always “Come As You Are.”

In a Dayton feature, Smith tells us that while “suits and ties are welcome,” they actually “encourage concert t-shirts.”

The pastor, who rocks a shaved head, a goatie and some tattoos, further went on, “It should never matter what you wear. It’s about Jesus.”

The unorthodox church claims it’s not a “Highway To Hell” but a “Stairway To Heaven.”

So yes, despite their rock and roll aesthetic, FHMCC relies heavily on the bible as they teach about Christ. And again, they’re inviting people from all walks of life to listen to their message, regardless if they’ve cleaned up their act or not.

“You don’t clean up before you jump in the shower, do you? No. God wants you exactly the way you are at this very moment,” Smith told his congregation once.

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