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Firewood Is Supposed to Be Burned, But This Artist Transforms Them Into Art!





When you think of firewood, what usually comes to mind are warmth, campfires, and maybe even s’mores. You probably never think of avant-garde home decor. After all, they’re just made to be burned to keep you warm, right? But this LA-based designer has different ideas. He transforms firewood into beautiful works of art!

Paul Foeckler is the creator of Split Grain, a site that features “modern, minimalist wood sculptures and lighting”. He says that the project started out when he started taking notice of an ordinary piece of firewood and thinking it’s too beautiful to burn. He then started experimenting with different types of firewood by cutting the wood into precise slices. He says this brings out the real beauty of the wood, especially when combined with lighting.

Foeckler sells his beautiful lamps at Etsy in the hope that they’ll “allow people to reflect upon nature in both intimate and public contemporary spaces.” You can get a firewood wall sculpture for £212, and his firewood lamps start at £270.

Here are some of his pieces:

This geometric marvel can double as a CD holder and can be mounted on the wall as a focal point to a room.


A desk lamp that has both an organic and modern-geometric feel, perfect for those who love minimalism with a hint of nature.


This used to be a piece of Ash wood from Northern Wisconsin, and now it’s a lovely lamp.


A totem-shaped sculpture with a beautiful void that gives it a more striking appearance.


One of Foeckler’s sculptures from the Spline collection, this one does indeed resemble a spine with its knots and gentle upward slope.


The fracture point in the middle gave way to two perfect pairs of split slices, creating a dramatic double staircase-like appearance to the piece.

Head on over to Split Grain’s Etsy page to check out his pieces. Your home might just need one of these minimalist wooden sculptures to bring life to any room!

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