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This Weird Mask Will Surely Make You Hilariously Horrifying This Coming Halloween


Halloween is all about wearing the scariest, sluttiest, and weirdest thing you can think of – and we’ve seen LOTS of weird Halloween looks all around. But one look at this mask and I say this takes the cake for one of the most “horrifying” accessories around. Because nothing can make one feel more spooked out, grossed out, or even make you laugh out loud than a head mask that looks like the female genitalia.

This is probably the weirdest Halloween mask you’ll see this year – a female genitalia-inspired mask!


Source: etsy

If you ask me, it looks like Lord Voldemort’s face with a clitty for a nose. Looking at its monstrously realistic glory, I bet you want to ask Why?!? Why make something like this and who would want to wear it?!? and fight the urge to vomit or get into a fetal position and try to un-see the disturbing imagery.

Made by artist Melissa Coulter, the unique silicone mask is sold for $480 over at Etsy.


Source: etsy

Well, blame Melissa Coulter, the talented artist who created the mask. Made of silicon, this mask may be intended to bestow nightmares on anyone who will see it, but it’s actually made for people who indulge in BDSM practices.

If you’re actually interested in donning this vajayjay mask, scoot over to Etsy and place your orders for only USD $480. Believe it or not, the mask already got a 5-star rating on Etsy and has actually gathered positive reviews for its quality and craftsmanship.

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