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What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About Your Personality

Fears and insecurities, among others, play a key role in your go-to position in bed.

Promoting healthy sex life is part of having a healthy lifestyle. From relieving stress to strengthening a relationship, making love definitely plays an important part in a couple’s life. And when it comes to such topic, we can’t help but include sexual positions. There’s nothing wrong with it, though. It’s a normal discussion in a couple’s life.

Like most of us, you have your own favorite positions. It’s either because you love the idea of doing it or it simply provides the best experience. Regardless, your favorite position actually says a lot about you and your personality. Not convinced? Well, why don’t you give this article a check?

Below are various sexual positions and what they really say about a person’s sexuality. Go ahead and take notes.

#1. Missionary

Gents: Choosing missionary means choosing the most traditional of all positions. It goes to show that you’re fond of staying in your comfort zone, or that you’re a risk-adverse kind of person. Either way, it’s possible that you might be insecure about a thing or two. Remember: insecurities often find sanctuary in comfort and, of course, security. The same thing can be applied in the bed. Interestingly, this also means getting ready for a more serious and long-term relationship.

Ladies: For your own view, sex is something that you see as an intimate act between you and the person you love. You’re not one for polygamy, as you hope to create a lasting bond with a person you want to do the deed with. Your preference with this position means that you barely question or follow the rules. As long as they give you security, you’re on it 100 percent.

#2. Woman on Top

Gents: Without a doubt, this is the most comforting position for guys like you. Besides, almost all the activity or action is up to your lady. You, on the other hand, can just sit back and relax. While you may be a subject to her desires, you still dominate the game even from below. Apparently, you’re the person who don’t like commitments. You don’t even extend efforts to things that don’t necessarily and/or directly affect you.

Ladies: Being on top, for you, means being courageous, self-confident, and extroverted. You don’t think about what other people would say. For you, it’s all about doing things that are comfortable to you. You have a strong personality, thus you don’t hold back in fighting. You believe that one should fight whatever is right for him/her.

#3. Doggy Style

Gents: It holds true that the doggy style requires little to zero degree of submission from your woman. Nonetheless, this position shows just how much you care about power. You don’t even hesitate to use it when you find the opportunity to do so. During your teenage years, it’s possible that you’ve suffered a trauma or rejection. Or, in one way or another, you just don’t give a damn about shame and public opinion. For you, it’s about showing the animalistic side of things, most particularly in bed.

Ladies: This position might just give off the idea that you’re quite serious. It could also mean that you’re a reserved, even how you try to deny it. But every time the lights go out, you understand all the possibilities. You eventually become a different person, unleashing the animal instinct within you. You might even be accustomed to getting what you always want. But despite that, it goes to show just how willing you are to submit to your partner.

#4. Spooning

Gents: If there’s a romantic position in all of positions, it’s none other than spooning. It reflects your personality of being a gentle and caring man. For you, it’s all about anticipating what a girl might think and looking after her security. Your goal is to please your lover as much as possible. Although this position reflects the soft side of you, your passion in bed magnifies.

Ladies: This clearly speaks of your optimism. For you, it’s about being the person that people can easily confide with. And most probably, your friends know this; hence they don’t think twice about sharing their secrets to you. You’re not also afraid of building a relationship with people, even those whom you just met. You prefer gentleness over passion any day. And for you, a day isn’t complete without a hug or kiss.

#5. Standing Up

Gents: This is where you animalistic trait intensifies. You love action, you simply just. You even love the idea of taking new challenges, even if it means failing. Having a stand up sex position isn’t easy, but for you, it’s all about taking the experience to a whole new level. This is why you take the challenge and try to please the girl even in the oddest position. Just remember: Taking risks is always okay, but you need to be ready for the consequences. You might just suffer from one of them later on in your life.

Ladies: You’re the kind of woman with a strong and determined personality. You don’t like people walking over you. Heck, you even find it frustrating if people fail to keep up with your pace. For you, people need to be at par with your aura or else they can’t jive with you. Standing up position means loving intensity over stability.

What do you think about these positions and the personalities connected to them? Does your go-to position speak highly about you and your personality? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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Christmas Tree Brows Are Now a Trend, and Here’s How They Do It

Who needs a Christmas Tree when you got brows?

We are only a few days away from Christmas and people have already started shopping stuff together with their families. Others, however, are still decorating their homes. Heck, some of us have even started wrapping gifts. Indeed, it is the season of giving, and we all are ready to celebrate it!

Apparently, though, someone is celebrating the Yuletide season in a very different way. She is, in fact, starting a trend called the Christmas Tree brow. Oh, yes, you read that right. It is all about decorating your brow in the most Christmas way possible. Actually, it is pretty straightforward. Just design your brow like a, well, Christmas Tree. This is thanks to Canadian beauty guru named “taytay_xx,” a beauty blogger who acquired a huge following on social media.

This woman proved to us that you can do just anything with your brows and that they are meant for something bigger. Check out below some of the glorious garlands of women from around the world. We bet you girls will love to try them!

Meet taytay_xx, a beauty blogger who started the Christmas Tree eyebrow trend.

Source: Taylor R.
And here is how she does it.

Source: Taylor R.

Thanks to her, the other ladies jumped on.



Source: karol.zar

Source: mile.stuff

Source: rraindeer

Source: melimsurdy
#6 .

Source: daphnesmoker

Source: btsbe97



Source: sophiaaleese

Source: mewmewlea

Source: evi_n92

Source: _piscesbabe


Source: jupuv

Source: gabidoll


Source: zuzajonc

See, it is pretty neat and simple. It is not even going to take much of your time. But hey, if you want, you can check taytay_xx on Instagram. She got some of sickest Christmas Tree Brow designs there.

And, oh, before you go, let us know what you think about this new trend in the comments below!

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Effective Lung-Cleansing Drink That Smokers And Quitters Need To Try

Smokers and quitters can help cleanse their lungs with this easy-to-prepare drink.

Smoking is such a bad habit that’s difficult to break, especially for those who are already used to puffing a couple of sticks for years. In fact, a cigarette is more addictive than heroin or cocaine that a huge percentage of the total tax collected on several countries is represented by its profits.

Although we are already aware of the many harms brought about by cigarette smoking to our health, many of us still continue with the habit. It has already led to millions of deaths of both men and women. Cigarette smoking accounts for 480,000 deaths per year, according to U.S. data. What’s more shocking is that 41,000 of these deaths are from secondhand smoke, and about 16 million of Americans are suffering from a disease caused by smoking.

Cigarette smoking is so addictive that it became a habit for people to puff a stick or more a day.

Source: pinterest

Cigarettes have some content that can ease out the stress, and this is probably why a lot of people resort to smoking in times of distress. This isn’t enough reason, though, to sacrifice your health and put at risk those who inhale your smoke. It is still the best idea to quit smoking and try a natural lung-cleansing drink could eliminate all the accumulated nicotine resting inside your air sacs.

We’re all aware though that smoking causes a lot of deadly diseases.

But before we reveal the recipe, looking into the real dangers of smoking cigarettes can be a great way to convince you to drop the habit. Of course, everyone is already aware that several lung diseases are the leading effects of years of smoking, and this includes making your asthma worse. Also, smokers are 12 to 13 times more likely to die from a lung disease than those who are non-smokers.

Respiratory diseases are the most common illnesses caused by cigarette smoking.

Source: istock

Apart from increasing the chances of both men and women to develop cancer by 25 percent, cigar smoking can also increase their chance of having a stroke. You should also be afraid of developing a heart disease as smoking can cause early cardiovascular diseases.

Smokers who claim to consume less than five sticks a day are not even safe from this deal. Smoking can increase blood pressure too and cause your heart to beat faster. So talk about having a heart attack.

But it can lead to deaths caused by other illnesses.

Source: pinterest

Cancer is, of course, a given. Lung cancer, mouth cancer, tongue cancer and cancer of the esophagus are the most common diseases associated with smoking, but cigarettes can cause more damage than you could imagine. Your bladder, blood, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, liver, and cervix among many others are seriously affected when you stay stubborn and continue to smoke.

There are at least 23 known illnesses caused by cigarettes.

Simpler effects are gum diseases and the destruction of your teeth’s enamel that can cause tooth loss. Smoking can also cause weaker bones and higher chances of developing diabetes. Finally, frequent cigarette smoking can cause impotence as it can affect a man’s sperm health. Women, on the other hand, can experience reduced fertility and miscarriage and they there’s also the risk of birth defects.

So before you start getting any of those illnesses, you should try dropping out the habit.

Smoking can definitely destroy a life. It will be hard to break the habit but smokers should try to quit and lower the risks of getting the aforementioned diseases. And to help you free yourself from a mass of nicotine in your body, you can indulge in a healthy drink that experts claim is effective in cleansing your lungs.

A drink using natural ingredients is said to help in cleansing the lungs.

Source: pinterest
It is so easy to prepare so both smokers and quitters should try it.

To prepare the lung-cleansing drink, get onions, turmeric, garlic, a liter of water, stevia and honey. Start by putting the sweetener to the liter of water and let it boil. Chop the ginger and onion and add it to the water mixture. Let it simmer for a bit.

Start adding turmeric to the water, but you have to lower the heat and let it simmer again for about 6 minutes. Let it cool down before storing it in the fridge. Take two tablespoons of the remedy twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. But bear in mind that this drink wouldn’t cure any existing illness.

Share this with your friends and family.

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6 Helpful Tips From a Sex Expert To Make The Experience More Enjoyable

Have a remarkable sexual experience with these tips in mind.


Humans have been having sex for millions of years. The drive and the desire to do the act is in our nature and that said, it can be considered as a craft that can be improved with practice and research. The act not only affects people physically but also emotionally and psychologically. While the topic is mostly taboo and some people shun the idea of talking about it, sex should not be treated as such.

Some people can say with confidence that their sex lives are awesome, the same thing cannot be said by other people. Even if sex is natural and is meant to be great and fulfilling, there are those who can’t seem to enjoy the experience. The good thing is that there are sex and relationship experts that can help people who are unlucky in the sex department. Here are six tips from an expert at VT that should make your sexual experience enjoyable, meaningful, and satisfying.

#1. “Normal” sex doesn’t exist.

Sex is enjoyed by you and that means, “normal” doesn’t exist. What you enjoy may not be favored by most of your friends and that’s okay because what matters is that you and your partner are happy with the act. While there are videos that tell people that sex should be done this and that way, you can do things differently if that’s what you and your partner are into.

#2. Communication is important

In any relationship, communication is vital. It’s the same for sex. It’s important to let your partner know what you like and dislike and what makes you feel uncomfortable. There are several ways you can let your partner know what works for you. Commonly, some would subtly dictate their partner with a physical guide. Others would prefer having a serious conversation on the matter.

#3. Women should also orgasm.


It’s common for the man to reach climax when having sex but women can also do the same. Reports have it that women who sleep with men only reach climax 65 percent of the time. On the other hand, women engaging in homosexual sex orgasm 86 percent of the time.

Men, this only means that your woman cannot reach the big O – it’s just that you’re not doing it right and you’re not letting her get to that point. In other words, improve your game.

#4. Pain is unacceptable.

Christian Grey definitely disagrees but generally, sex shouldn’t hurt – except maybe if you like it rough like Mr. Grey. Sex is something that an individual should be satisfied with and it’s something that’s meant to be enjoyable.

Also, one should be in the zone to fully savor the moment. That way, your body should also relax and the experience isn’t unpleasant. However, if you feel pain while doing the deed, you might need to see your doctor.

#5. Distraction is okay.

At some point, you may have felt distracted in the middle of the deed – and that’s totally acceptable. It can be embarrassing to think that you’ve found yourself thinking about other things but that doesn’t mean something’s wrong with your sex life. You just have to practice focusing on the moment, even outside your bedroom. Soon enough, you’ll become more mindful.

#6. Sex doesn’t necessarily mean penetration.

Penetration is not the only way for the act to be called sex, according to VT. There are different ways to get sexual with your partner. If you do the same thing over and over, it can be boring and the experience may not be as enjoyable as it should be. There have been studies showing that couples who have the same sex routine can have lowered sexual drive compared to those who like to spice things up.

With these tips from a sex therapist, you’ll find yourself feeling remarkable with sexual experience like no other. Enjoy the moment!

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