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What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About Your Personality

Promoting healthy sex life is part of having a healthy lifestyle. From relieving stress to strengthening a relationship, making love definitely plays an important part in a couple’s life. And when it comes to such topic, we can’t help but include sexual positions. There’s nothing wrong with it, though. It’s a normal discussion in a couple’s life.

Like most of us, you have your own favorite positions. It’s either because you love the idea of doing it or it simply provides the best experience. Regardless, your favorite position actually says a lot about you and your personality. Not convinced? Well, why don’t you give this article a check?

Below are various sexual positions and what they really say about a person’s sexuality. Go ahead and take notes.

#1. Missionary

Gents: Choosing missionary means choosing the most traditional of all positions. It goes to show that you’re fond of staying in your comfort zone, or that you’re a risk-adverse kind of person. Either way, it’s possible that you might be insecure about a thing or two. Remember: insecurities often find sanctuary in comfort and, of course, security. The same thing can be applied in the bed. Interestingly, this also means getting ready for a more serious and long-term relationship.

Ladies: For your own view, sex is something that you see as an intimate act between you and the person you love. You’re not one for polygamy, as you hope to create a lasting bond with a person you want to do the deed with. Your preference with this position means that you barely question or follow the rules. As long as they give you security, you’re on it 100 percent.

#2. Woman on Top

Gents: Without a doubt, this is the most comforting position for guys like you. Besides, almost all the activity or action is up to your lady. You, on the other hand, can just sit back and relax. While you may be a subject to her desires, you still dominate the game even from below. Apparently, you’re the person who don’t like commitments. You don’t even extend efforts to things that don’t necessarily and/or directly affect you.

Ladies: Being on top, for you, means being courageous, self-confident, and extroverted. You don’t think about what other people would say. For you, it’s all about doing things that are comfortable to you. You have a strong personality, thus you don’t hold back in fighting. You believe that one should fight whatever is right for him/her.

#3. Doggy Style

Gents: It holds true that the doggy style requires little to zero degree of submission from your woman. Nonetheless, this position shows just how much you care about power. You don’t even hesitate to use it when you find the opportunity to do so. During your teenage years, it’s possible that you’ve suffered a trauma or rejection. Or, in one way or another, you just don’t give a damn about shame and public opinion. For you, it’s about showing the animalistic side of things, most particularly in bed.

Ladies: This position might just give off the idea that you’re quite serious. It could also mean that you’re a reserved, even how you try to deny it. But every time the lights go out, you understand all the possibilities. You eventually become a different person, unleashing the animal instinct within you. You might even be accustomed to getting what you always want. But despite that, it goes to show just how willing you are to submit to your partner.

#4. Spooning

Gents: If there’s a romantic position in all of positions, it’s none other than spooning. It reflects your personality of being a gentle and caring man. For you, it’s all about anticipating what a girl might think and looking after her security. Your goal is to please your lover as much as possible. Although this position reflects the soft side of you, your passion in bed magnifies.

Ladies: This clearly speaks of your optimism. For you, it’s about being the person that people can easily confide with. And most probably, your friends know this; hence they don’t think twice about sharing their secrets to you. You’re not also afraid of building a relationship with people, even those whom you just met. You prefer gentleness over passion any day. And for you, a day isn’t complete without a hug or kiss.

#5. Standing Up

Gents: This is where you animalistic trait intensifies. You love action, you simply just. You even love the idea of taking new challenges, even if it means failing. Having a stand up sex position isn’t easy, but for you, it’s all about taking the experience to a whole new level. This is why you take the challenge and try to please the girl even in the oddest position. Just remember: Taking risks is always okay, but you need to be ready for the consequences. You might just suffer from one of them later on in your life.

Ladies: You’re the kind of woman with a strong and determined personality. You don’t like people walking over you. Heck, you even find it frustrating if people fail to keep up with your pace. For you, people need to be at par with your aura or else they can’t jive with you. Standing up position means loving intensity over stability.

What do you think about these positions and the personalities connected to them? Does your go-to position speak highly about you and your personality? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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