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13 Famous People And Their Last Words In History

Even on deathbed, these people made every second count by uttering a few words that would be remembered forever.

Have you ever wondered what would be your last words before you die? Would you be content with just a somber silence? Would you spend your last breath in this world telling your family how much you love them? Would you curse your worst enemy with your dying breath?

Below is a list of famous people who uttered some pretty iconic last words that would be forever remembered in the history.

1. Nathan Hale – Revolutionary War Spy

I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country

After getting captured on an espionage mission back in 1776, the revolutionary war spy Nathan Hale decided to quote the popular 18th-century play “Cato” during his execution.

2. Cicero – Roman Statesman

There is nothing proper about what you are doing, soldier, but do try to kill me properly.

After the fall of Julius Caesar, the Roman statesman Cicero met his untimely demise as well in 43 BCE. Moments before his death, he uttered his last words that would be remembered forever in the annals of time.

3. Marie Antoinette – Deposed French Queen

Pardon me, sir. I did not do it on purpose.

In the biography about Marie-Antoinette’s life, it was said that she apologized to her executioner because of accidentally stepping on his foot while at the scaffold back in 1793.

4. George Jacques Danton – French Revolutionary

Show my head to the people, it is well worth seeing.

George Jacques Danton was known as one of the fiercest French revolutionary back then. Being involved in a bloody regime, Danton uttered his famous last words right before meeting his death by guillotine back in 1794.

5. Jane Austen – English Writer

Source: Britannica

I want nothing, but death.

Jane Austen, famous for her classic novel Pride and Prejudice, was one of the most influential authors in the history. Unfortunately, she suffered a painful death in 1817 because of an unknown disease. Moments before her death, Jane Austen spent her last breath by expressing her desire for death which was recorded by Henry, her brother.

6. Napoléon Bonaparte – French General

France, army, the head of the army, Josephine.

After his renowned career as a prominent French general, Napoleon Bonaparte suffered the fate of being an exile back in 1821. On his deathbed, Napoleon Bonaparte uttered his last words that were a list of things he adored in his life which ended with the name of Josephine, his former wife.

7. Thomas Carlyle – Philosopher

So, this is death. Well!

Thomas Carlyle was one of the celebrated philosophers back in the 1800s. He was also an essayist, a historian, and a mathematician. He uttered his last words moments before finally dying at the age of 85.

8. George Patton – World War 2 General

This is a hell of a way to die.

George Patton was a World War 2 general who helped a lot in defeating the Nazis. After the war, he got involved in a car accident, leaving him paralyzed. Eventually, he succumbed to his injuries, marking his death moments after he stated his displeasure for his poor situation.

9. Winston Churchill – British Prime Minister

I’m so bored with it all.

Back in 1965, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill fell ill at the age of 90. According to the reports, before his death, he spoke to his son-in-law Christopher Soames. In this conversation, he stated his boredom about practically everything around him.

10. James French – Convicted Murderer

Hey fellas! How about this for a headline for tomorrow’s paper? “French fries!”

James French was notorious for murdering a West Virginian motorist that let him hitch a ride. He uttered his cryptic last words moments before his execution back on August 10, 1966.

11. Noel Coward – Playwright

Goodnight, my darlings, I’ll see you tomorrow.

The famous playwright Noel Coward died on the cold evening of March 22, 1973, due to heart failure. Before his death, his last words were his peaceful farewell to his longtime partner and friends.

12. Joe Dimaggio – Baseball Player

I finally get to see Marilyn again.

Joe Dimaggio, a famous baseball player, was widely known for his marriage to Marilyn Monroe. Before dying, Dimaggio stated his happiness because he would finally be able to see Marilyn again.

13. George Harrison – Guitarist

Love one another.

The ex-Beatle guitarist George Harrison suffered lung cancer back in 2001 which later on took his life. On his deathbed, he uttered his amazing last words about love.

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