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Fake Rice Made of Tiny Rolls of Paper Found in Guangdong Province, China

Fake rice made of paper are mixed with regular rice to deceive consumers.

Ann Moises





It was not too long ago when millions of Asian rice consumers were appalled when they learned that the Chinese had been selling fake rice made of plastic. Now, in yet another disturbing report, a patron from Guangdong Province named Cai, discovered a different type of fake rice. This time, she discovered white, tiny pieces of paper mixed with real rice.

Unfortunately, Cai and her family were halfway through their meal when they happened to bite on some odd, hard pieces. She took out what was on her mouth and inspected a grain. Much to her disbelief and horror, she allegedly unrolled it and found out it was a piece of paper.


Photo credit: Apple Daily

According to Cai, she bought the rice from a trusted male street vendor who told her it was organic and locally grown in another town. Cai mentioned that the man may not be aware that he was selling fake rice.


Photo credit: Apple Daily

Sadly, the source or sources of the fake rice (paper and plastic) are still unknown.

Consumers must be more vigilant. Let us thoroughly inspect the rice we bought before we feed them to our loved ones. We should also hope that none of the fake rice has been distributed to other counties.

H/T: Shanghaiist, Apple Daily


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According to Zuckerberg, Facebook Will Be Rolling Out The Dislike Button Soon

According to Mark Zuckerberg himself, Facebook will be launching the much-awaited dislike button soon!

Mark Andrew



Facebook users, rejoice! The long-awaited dislike button will finally be upon us.

Now you can easily express your true feelings whenever you see those annoying selfies, racy pictures, corny jokes, and those users who have a knack for tagging you on a ton of photos and posts that are totally unrelated to you. Pretty exciting, right?

Well actually, no. That’s not exactly how it works.

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This Man Agreed to Have His Burned Hand Sewn Into His Stomach

Frank Reyes — an 87-year-old retired cattle ranch worker in Missouri City, Texas — agreed to have his burned hand sewn into a pocket of tissue in his abdomen.

Faye Williams



In the hope of saving his badly burned left hand, Frank Reyes — an 87-year-old retired cattle ranch worker and school bus driver who lives in Missouri City, Texas — agreed to have it sewn into a pocket of tissue in his abdomen. Reyes' family, of course, thought the procedure was something out of a sci-fi movie, but they agreed to it as well. After all, they had said they were willing to try "anything" to save his hand.

Houston Methodist Hospital plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Echo was responsible for the mind-boggling operation.

Reyes was home alone when figured in an accident last June. He was changing a tire on a trailer when the jack slipped and pinned his hand against a fender. Reports say that it was more than 100 degrees that afternoon and the metal on the fender became like an iron burning Reyes' hand. It took half an hour before Reyes was rescued.

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Teenager Jumps Off a Building After Discovering Her Boyfriend’s Secret

This teenager got suicidal!

Grace Alviar Viray



Love is a bed of roses they say, until the person you most love betrays you. It's that love that made you ecstatically happy that will also make you want to kill yourself. Take for example this young lady from China who said she did not want to live anymore after she discovered her boyfriend's secret. She was so devastated to the point that she didn't want to go on with her life anymore.

The unnamed teenager went up to the third floor of their apartment building when she learned that the love of her life is not actually hers to keep forever.

She wanted to end her life by jumping off their building.


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