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Fake Pepsi Factory Caught On Camera





We’ve been hearing a lot about fake products being sold in China such as fake rice, fake Milo, and even fake pork and beef. Frankly, it’s disgusting and scary.

Now allow us to send a warning for to cola lovers out there since you’re not completely out of the woods.

A recent news circulating on the web confirmed the existence of a secret factory manufacturing and distributing fake Pepsi. The counterfeit drinks are being produced in Baghdad, Iraq. Although the video below tells us it was uploaded a couple years ago, there are no updates whether the factory has already been closed or that the practice itself has come to a halt.

Clearly, it’s an attempt to make big bucks through fraudulent means – to the expense of the consumer’s health, of course.

1. Used Pepsi bottles are bought and gathered.

fake-pepsi-factory 1

2. Next, hired kids will throw excess content away and clean the bottle up.

fake-pepsi-factory 2

3. Afterwards, bottles are then placed in crates in preparation for refilling.

fake-pepsi-factory 3

4. Pressurized gas is then put inside bottles before they are sealed.

fake-pepsi-factory 4

5. The bottles are then refilled with the fake beverage.

fake-pepsi-factory 5

6. Used crowns are also used to seal the product.

fake-pepsi-factory 6

7. Once the caps are in place…

fake-pepsi-factory 7

8. … The counterfeit beverage is officially done.

fake-pepsi-factory 8

9. Fake Pepsi is now ready to hit the market.

fake-pepsi-factory 9

If you are still unconvinced, you can watch the video here:

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We are indeed living in dangerous times.

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