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Fake Pepsi Factory Caught On Camera

Cola drinkers, beware!

We’ve been hearing a lot about fake products being sold in China such as fake rice, fake Milo, and even fake pork and beef. Frankly, it’s disgusting and scary.

Now allow us to send a warning for to cola lovers out there since you’re not completely out of the woods.

A recent news circulating on the web confirmed the existence of a secret factory manufacturing and distributing fake Pepsi. The counterfeit drinks are being produced in Baghdad, Iraq. Although the video below tells us it was uploaded a couple years ago, there are no updates whether the factory has already been closed or that the practice itself has come to a halt.

Clearly, it’s an attempt to make big bucks through fraudulent means – to the expense of the consumer’s health, of course.

1. Used Pepsi bottles are bought and gathered.

fake-pepsi-factory 1

2. Next, hired kids will throw excess content away and clean the bottle up.

fake-pepsi-factory 2

3. Afterwards, bottles are then placed in crates in preparation for refilling.

fake-pepsi-factory 3

4. Pressurized gas is then put inside bottles before they are sealed.

fake-pepsi-factory 4

5. The bottles are then refilled with the fake beverage.

fake-pepsi-factory 5

6. Used crowns are also used to seal the product.

fake-pepsi-factory 6

7. Once the caps are in place…

fake-pepsi-factory 7

8. … The counterfeit beverage is officially done.

fake-pepsi-factory 8

9. Fake Pepsi is now ready to hit the market.

fake-pepsi-factory 9

If you are still unconvinced, you can watch the video here:

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We are indeed living in dangerous times.


After Landing Gear Failure, This Brave Fighter Pilot Landed His Jet On A Stool

If this doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what else will!

A few blogs ago, we shared with you about that awesome bus driver whom we described as having “balls of steel.” Netizens applauded this guy for bravely driving on the extremely narrow Needles Highway Tunnel in South Dakota.

Now allow us to introduce you to a US Marine Corps Harrier jump jet pilot who landed his aircraft on a stool.

Yes, you read that right – a stool! ...

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Beauty Blogger Covers Her Face in Sperm Every Day for Smooth and Healthy Skin

All-organic natural goodness…want to give it a try?


Women around the world have been using non-traditional methods to achieve beautiful skin, but none more unconventional than a beauty blogger and former glamour model who uses human sperm as a daily facial.

Yes sperm. That viscous fluid ejaculated by a sexually excited male.

Tracy Kiss, a 28-year-old single mother of two from Wendover, Buckinghamshire in England is an avid user and promoter of seminal fluid in her everyday facial routine. The beauty blogger has posted countless photos of herself on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts showcasing her flawless peaches-and-cream complexion to the world to prove just how effective her unusual beauty regimen is....

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ISIS Declares War Against the Vatican, All Christians

The terrorist group is bent on wreaking havoc all over the world.

Exactly a year before the horrific attacks done by members of the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group in Paris, Theodore Shoebat — who describes himself as a "Christian militant, apologist, writer, speaker, crusader" — wrote a feature that may now be viewed as a foreshadowing of the massacre of innocent civilians.

The feature he wrote has a pretty straightforward title: "ISIS declares war on the Vatican, and Says, 'Muslims will be at war with the Roman Christians.'"


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