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24 Exclusive Things From Japan That The Rest Of The World Needs To Adopt





They say the Japanese are some of the nicest people you’d ever meet, and they also have the nicest things. Japan is known for a lot of unique and kawaii (cute) items. They also have incredible technology that tourists never fail to be in awe of the stratovolcanic archipelago, making Japan one of the most highly recommended places to visit when you’re traveling.

We all love purchasing souvenirs for our own personal collection or for gifting other people. However, Japan is making it hard for tourists to choose a souvenir since almost all of the items are just too good to pass. Here are 24 exclusive things from Japan that the rest of the world needs to adopt.

1. A compressed t-shirt.

2. A lip balm that you can use one time.

3. Coffee bags with individual filter.

4. Capsule hotels.

Some travelers who are on a budget usually choose to stay on capsule hotels as it it already complete with TV and even a wi-fi. But others opt to stay here for the experience of its uniqueness.

5. Drivers always make it sure to take care of their passengers.

6. Your smartphone gets its own toilet paper.

7. Pillow selection.

8. Instant noodles with interesting flavors.

9. Japan used Godzilla to compare the hight of the tallest bridge.

10. Glasses that you can wear when you forgot to bring your own.

11. Crustless bread.

12. Beautiful sewer covers.

13. There are strollers in standby just in case you forgot to bring one.

14. Carts that and can go up and down the stairs.

15. “I ordered some pens from Japan and they came with a tiny origami Hawaiian shirt!”

16. Available dry ice to keep your breverage cold.

17. If the flight is delay, employees bow to apologize.

18. You can now see what the pilot sees.

19. Delicious and creative lunch boxes.

20. High-tech toilets.

21. Japan is living in 3046.
22. You’ll know how much calorie you burn in every step..

23. The restaurant of the future.
24. A seat cover that tells you about priority passengers.

Have you ever been to Japan? If yes, what was the most unique item that you found?

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