Engineer Builds AI Shelter With Facial Recognition For Stray Cats

The high-tech shelter can recognize up to 174 different cats and serves as a temporary veterinary clinic!

Most people go out of their way to help stray cats. However, one engineer decided to make sure the homeless felines around him can find a safe place to keep warm, get food, and stay healthy. The animal lover decided to build a high-tech cat shelter with artificial intelligence that uses facial recognition to scan for diseases.

Wan Xi is a computer engineer based in Beijing, China. However, Wan’s true passion is caring for stray cats that roam the streets in his hometown. He would make sure the cats are fed. Unfortunately, these homeless kitties were in trouble when the cold winter arrived. The determined Wan built the AI shelter to make sure the cats have a warm and safe place to stay.

This cool shelter also serves as a temporary veterinary clinic.

Source: YouTube

The high-tech shelter is self-powered and maintains a 27°C (80°F) temperature so the cats can stay warm. It can house several cats at the same time and is also stocked with fresh water and food.

If that’s not high-tech enough for you, the AI shelter also employs cameras to let the cats in. The cameras are equipped with facial recognition and will automatically open the door once the feline is recognized. The system can distinguish up to 174 unique cats in the area.

In addition to that, the cats are scanned for any diseases or health problems. The date is then sent to several volunteers who check on the kitties. The AI can identify whether the cat is neutered or sterilized. In addition to that, it also checks for common diseases like feline herpesvirus or gingivostomatitis.

The stray cats are clearly loving their new shelter.

Source: YouTube

It’s truly an amazing shelter that was carefully crafted and planned. Needless to say, the stray cats of Beijing are grateful that one engineer decided to build the refuge for them in preparation for the icy winter.

What do you think of this awesome AI cat shelter? Let us know in the comments below.

Learn more about the cat shelter below:

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