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Heartwarming Video Of Colorblind Brothers Seeing Color For The First Time

Let’s all appreciate the little things, people.


Life must be challenging for colorblind people. Just try to imagine how difficult it might be to live either with black-and-white vision or you are having a hard time distinguishing different colors.

It’s a real struggle that millions of people experience on a daily basis because of their condition. Fortunately though, one company is doing something to help colorblind individuals enjoy a more vibrant view of life.

EnChroma created special glasses that amazingly allow 80% of colorblind people to finally see color. According to the company’s official website, they EnChroma glasses are a “marriage of color vision science and optical technology.”

Brothers Jace and Jimmy, both colorblind, tried the EnChroma glasses and saw the big difference.

enchroma colorblind glasses 2

Source: YouTube

In the video below, you will see Jace and Jimmy, two brothers who are both colorblind, use one of the glasses. They were shown a bunch of balloons in different colors and a colorful towel. This was their first time to see color and their reaction to it is absolutely priceless and touching.

The brothers couldn’t hold their tears back when they saw the true beauty of color.

enchroma colorblind glasses 1

Source: YouTube

When asked to describe what they saw, one of the brothers just said “It’s so bright… It’s so different… The towel is completely different.”

Watch the video here:

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Honestly, I’m just touched with their sincere reactions. This should definitely make us all appreciate the little things we often neglect, people.

In case you’re interested with these awesome glasses, you should go visit the EnChroma website.

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Love is Literally in the Air For This Pilot Couple Sharing The Same Cockpit

Love is in the air indeed!

Love is literally in the air for this pilot couple, who always share their flight together in an airline called Airlink. Quinn and Megan Hutchinson from Johannesburg are both working in the same cockpit and they say it makes their relationship lasts longer.

It looks like the pair is really meant for each other and for flying as they first met at a flight school, named 43 Advanced Training College at Lanseria International Airport.

Through the years, Quinn and Megan are merely talking once a year to greet one another a happy birthday. Fortunately, Megan had a contract in Ghana while Quinn has a settlement in Zambia that gave them a chance to meet once again.

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This Inspiring Story of the Rarest Triplets in the World Will Surely Make You Smile

These little angels were joined at birth in a rare case of conjoined twin pregnancy. Read all about their inspiring story.

Children are considered blessings- angels sent by God to brighten up the world. But not all are born equally. Some are created more special in a way that may limit their functionality as human beings but increase their ability to inspire others.

Being conjoined twins is already a not-so-common feat. Macey and Mackenzie Garrison are even more special because they are among one of only two conjoined twins who were born with a triplet sister. Medical experts consider them as a medical phenomenon but they will become more special in your eyes once you learn more about their story in the video below.

After months of preparation for their surgery, Macey and Mackenzie have been successfully separated. Both had one real leg each and were trained to walk using prosthetic legs with the help of physical therapists.

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Doberman Dies Fighting 4 Cobras to Save His Master’s Family

The dog fought a furious battle with four mountain cobras for hours and killed all of them.

A Doberman in India is being hailed as a hero for his valiant defense of his owners. One night, a Doberman that belonged to a family of eight was guarding the perimeter of their home in the village of Sebekapur under the Raygada Block of the Gajapati District in Odisha, India. As usual, the dog dutifully went around the property.

At some point, the dog saw that there were snakes crawling on the patio. This was alarming. Various reports have pointed out that snakes kill more than 45,000 people a year in India. In this case, they were especially dangerous because the snakes were all venomous cobras.

The Doberman is an excellent guard dog.


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