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Heartwarming Video Of Colorblind Brothers Seeing Color For The First Time





Life must be challenging for colorblind people. Just try to imagine how difficult it might be to live either with black-and-white vision or you are having a hard time distinguishing different colors.

It’s a real struggle that millions of people experience on a daily basis because of their condition. Fortunately though, one company is doing something to help colorblind individuals enjoy a more vibrant view of life.

EnChroma created special glasses that amazingly allow 80% of colorblind people to finally see color. According to the company’s official website, they EnChroma glasses are a “marriage of color vision science and optical technology.”

Brothers Jace and Jimmy, both colorblind, tried the EnChroma glasses and saw the big difference.

enchroma colorblind glasses 2

Source: YouTube

In the video below, you will see Jace and Jimmy, two brothers who are both colorblind, use one of the glasses. They were shown a bunch of balloons in different colors and a colorful towel. This was their first time to see color and their reaction to it is absolutely priceless and touching.

The brothers couldn’t hold their tears back when they saw the true beauty of color.

enchroma colorblind glasses 1

Source: YouTube

When asked to describe what they saw, one of the brothers just said “It’s so bright… It’s so different… The towel is completely different.”

Watch the video here:

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Honestly, I’m just touched with their sincere reactions. This should definitely make us all appreciate the little things we often neglect, people.

In case you’re interested with these awesome glasses, you should go visit the EnChroma website.

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