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Emilia Clarke Disrupts Kit Harington’s ‘SNL’ Monologue To Ask How ‘Game of Thrones’ Ends





You would think that working on Game of Thrones would make you privy to what will happen in Season 8. However, it looks like Emilia Clarke has no idea how the HBO series will end. The actress has just crashed Kit Harington’s Saturday Night Live appearance to try and get her co-star to tell her how the final season will conclude.

Harington recently hosted the comedy show on April 6 and he immediately announced in his monologue that he will not be “revealing how the show ends.” However, that didn’t stop Clarke from popping up in the SNL audience to beg him to give them “a general sense of how it ends.” Needless to say, Game of Thrones Season 8 fans were delighted to see her.

Sorry, guys, Kit Harington isn’t dropping any spoilers tonight.

Harington tells Clarke that she is in the show and she should know how it ends. However, she quickly explains that she “forgot” because “it’s been too damn long since the last season.” Additionally, the real Daenerys Targaryen admitted she doesn’t know what’s happening in Game of Thrones Season 8 because most of her scenes were with her dragon “which is just a tennis ball on a green pole.”

Nevertheless, Harington insisted she would have to wait until the premiere to find out. However, Clarke isn’t the only one who has questions about the final season.

John Bradley, who plays Samwell Tarly in the series, also asked if they could still hang out once the show is over. When Harington stated that he isn’t available “next Tuesday,” Bradley accuses the real Jon Snow that he has changed.

The most hilarious cameo came from Harington’s own wife Rose Leslie. Interestingly, the actress who played Ygritte didn’t want Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers. She was simply concerned about what the couple would do for money now that they were both unemployed.

The ‘Game of Thrones’ cast hanging out at ‘SNL’.

Game of Thrones Season 8 will premiere on HBO on April 14.

Watch Emilia Clarke crash Kit Harington’s ‘SNL’ monologue below.

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