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Embarrassing Moment Woman Caught on Cam Picking Nose, Adjusting Bra In Front Of Car Window

This is why you should never fix yourself up in front of a car window.

You know how some people tend to fix themselves up in front of a car window? It can be pretty embarrassing once you realize that someone else is actually inside the car just observing you from the inside. For one woman in Vietnam, this habit has put her in a truly mortifying situation.

The young woman was caught on camera fixing herself up while using a car window as her mirror. In the video, the woman can be seen adjusting her bra and then picking her nose intently.

She first positions herself to adjust her underwear properly.

Source: ViralHog
She even makes funny faces in front of the car window.

Source: ViralHog
It appears that the woman liked what she saw.

Source: ViralHog
She gropes herself without shame!

Source: ViralHog

The woman even placed her hand inside her chest to really get the adjustments done. Once she finished fixing her bra, she then went on to pick her nose.

She does so earnestly.

Must look great for everyone.

Source: ViralHog

What she didn’t realize is that the car is occupied and she was filmed the whole time. As reported by The Sun, the clip was filmed in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and it immediately went viral. The video also received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Some viewers believe that the woman was just faking it and that the video was staged. According to some people, the girl’s reactions are just “over-the-top.” One person even noted that the car window wasn’t that tinted enough. Many, however, thought that it was funny and there are those who didn’t care if it was staged or not because it gave them a good laugh.

Are you guilty of doing the same thing?

Watch the video below and see how the woman reacted when she realized the car was occupied.

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What do you think dear readers? Did you find the video funny? Do you think this was staged? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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