Ed Sheeran Pays For School Teacher To Take Course On Helping Children With Learning Difficulties

Good guy Ed Sheeran!

  • Pop artist Ed Sheeran has just paid for the education of a school teacher, taking a course to help children with learning difficulties make music.
  • The 29-year-old singer-songwriter also started a breakfast club for poor school children in his restaurant.

Ed Sheeran has once again proven he’s more than just a talented guy – he’s also someone who actually has a big heart.

As recent reports have confirmed, the singer-songwriter has taken it upon himself to shoulder the expenses of a primary school teacher “to take a music course to help children with learning difficulties create songs.”

In an article by The Sun, we read that the Framlingham Foundation Trust donated some much-needed money to help the teacher our. Sheeran runs the said Suffolk-based charity.

According to Stuart Camp, manager of the “Thinking Out Loud” star:

“The foundation paid for a primary music teacher to undertake a specialist teaching course in the Kodaly learning method.

“This method is well known as an alternative to traditional music tuition (focusing predominantly on aural skills and intuitive skill) and allows those students with learning difficulties to access a world of musical creation they may otherwise find it difficult to connect with.”

Currently, his mom Imogen serves as the director of the Suffolk Kodaly Community Interest Company as they aim to provide children with”progressive music education.”

Last month, the 29-year-old multi-millionaire also began working with Marcus Rashford to to provide hot meals for needy school children by starting a breakfast club in his Bertie Blossoms restaurant.

In an Instagram post on the official Bertie Blossoms account, we read:

“In these difficult times, Berties want to offer anyone who is normally entitled to a free school meal or who is struggling in these strange times, a hot breakfast.

“Drop in between 9am-11am tomorrow or 8am-11am for the rest of the week and we’ll be offering a hot breakfast, fruit and a hot or cold drink to kids – no questions asked.

“Either eat-in or take-out. We are with you, we are behind you and we love you! Spread the word.”

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