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Mom Was Filming Her Child, Then This Creepy Creature Suddenly Appears!

She decided to film her child when the kid started acting strange. Then she saw this!

Ann Moises





Nothing seems impossible in this day and age anymore. There are several bizarre occurrences that have caused pandemonium over the internet only to be debunked by experts who say it’s nothing more than great visual effects. UFOs; creepy, mythical creatures; vicious monsters in the jungle–who can blame others for dismissing the fact that these could be real? There are numerous apps that can help us create these things even by just using our phones, right?

But whether the creature in the video below is real or not, one thing I can say for sure is that it’s really creepy!

The video was recorded last January 2011 by a woman named Silvia. She lives in Santa Fe, Argentina with her family. Apparently, they have been noticing some strange behaviors from then 2-year-old Benjamin, Silvia’s son. The little boy seemed to have been talking and playing with someone…or something in his room and in several corners of their house. However, thinking that it was just normal for kids his age to display such behaviors, they dismissed it. But on that particular day, the kid seemed a bit nervous. To better understand why the boy was acting strange, she decided to film the kid using her cell phone’s camera, and wait and see if something would eventually turn up.

Well, something did!

Watch the video:

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According to the original YouTube description, the strange, little creature came from the kitchen and out to the garden to escape. It also emitted a very foul smell as it ran away. Benjamin was already 5-years-old when the video was first uploaded in 2014, but Silvia said that the boy still kept playing with the creature. Although it seemed harmless, it left an unbearable smell every time.


Photo credit: Native Warrior

The video immediately went viral after it was uploaded on Youtube. Skeptics and non believers are saying the video is obviously fake, a product of imagination and Computer-generated imagery (CGI). But there are also people who believes that it’s real, saying if you believe in supernatural things such as angels and demons, God and Satan. It’s ironic for you to say, these dwarfs doesn’t exists.

A dwarf? An elf? Hoax or real?  What do you think?


H/T: Vamshare, Petswoofs, Salmones

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Talkative Baby And Siberian Husky Have Hilarious Argument Together

That dog isn’t backing down!

Ann Moises



I bet most people would agree if I say that videos about babies and dogs are generally fun and entertaining, particularly if both are part of a story and are seen having a good time with each other's company.

When babies and pups meet, there's an unspoken bond that forms between them, which marks the beginning of  a strong, sincere, and loving relationship. We've read stories about it--despite the absence of any verbal command, dogs become protective of and obedient to their fragile, little boss. What more if the babies can speak at such an early age?

The mother of 10-month-old baby Lexi decided to let her talkative daughter chatter away with their dog Angel, a Siberian husky. Huskies are known to be a docile, loving, playful, and energetic breed who are great with children. However, as they are not "watch dogs", they prefer to howl than to bark. So, can you guess what happens when a cute babbler is seated next to a husky?

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These Sisters Met Up With Guys They Chatted With Online – And Things Got Really Ugly!

Strangers we meet online may not really be who they say they are. The danger is real!




Beware of evil lurking behind social media profiles. Sisters Nicole and Amy Rice discovered this a little too late as they got severely beaten by two men they met on Facebook. The girls from South Dublin decided to meet the two men they’ve been chatting with for a few weeks. They traveled to Newbridge, Co Kildare, which is 30 miles away from their hometown of Tallaght, and went to a bus stop to meet up with the two men.

The sisters accompanied the guys back to an apartment in the city and this is when things got scary for them. The guys started to act odd and aggressive. Nicole got up and attempted to leave the apartment but the one of the guys pulled her hair and her pushed to the ground. They started kicking the terrified girl in the head. Amy tried to rescue her sister but the guys attacked her as well.

One of the selfies posted by Nicole on social media.


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Mother Found Pushing 3-Year-Old Son’s Lifeless Body in a Swing at Maryland Park

A 24-year-old mom who was diagnosed with depression was found pushing her dead son’s body in a swing all night.

Ann Moises



La Plata, Maryland--The people of the small, peaceful town of La Plata were shocked when they found a 24-year-old woman pushing her 3-year-old son's dead body in a swing at the Wills Memorial Park last Friday, May 22. Apparently, the mother, who was later identified as Romechia Simms, was seen with her son, Ji'Aire Donnell Lee at the park, which is located at 500 St. Mary's Avenue since Thursday night.

The Neighbors' concern grew when they noticed that Romechia was still pushing his son back and forth on the equipment until the morning of the next day. One of the neighbors then decided to call the police.

When the responders arrived at the park...


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