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Dogs Help Toddler Break Out From Bedroom So She Can Feed Them

Because the tot is more generous than mom and dad!

Dogs are a man’s best friend they said – and that’s definitely something that has been proven and tested. That’s why most owners do the best they can to save their pooches if they are in danger. Moreover, dogs are sometimes just too “funny” to be true as they do hilarious things that their owners never imagined they would ever do.

Case in point, Chris and Nina welcomed their daughter Chloe 15 months ago and their pet dogs couldn’t be any happier that they have a new member of the family. Golden Retrievers Bleu and Colby or known as Cheese Patrol are definitely the toddler’s buddies. The tot’s mom was recently baffled by the idea that little Chloe has been roaming around the house in the morning as she’s still too young to open the door to the bedroom.

Meet little Chloe and her pals, Bleu and Corby

Source: cheesepups

So to find out what has been happening, the couple decided to put up a security camera inside little Chloe’s bedroom and checked the footage from the CCTV. They eventually found out that brothers Bleu and Colby quietly opened the door and gently woke the toddler up with their licks and nudges. Apparently, when the tot perked up, Cheese Patrol immediately led her the way to their foodstuff and Chloe was too excited to do so, much to their surprise.

According to Chris, the dogs always find a way to get their snacks when they notice that it’s already 6 in the morning and nobody feeds them. He said that Cheese Patrol certainly know what to do and little Chloe “feeds them on purpose.”

“Lately she’s gotten tall enough to reach into their food bin, so she scoops out kibble and drops it for them, much to our chagrin.”

“Colby parks himself under Chloe’s high chair every night”

Source: cheesepups

The couple added that the Golden Retrievers noticed that Chloe is more generous when it comes to their snacks. So they figured they can get closer to her and make her their best pal.

Watch the video below.

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