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A Dog was Left Alone in a Car. When the Owner Arrived, an Officer Confronted Her and Did THIS!





Animal owners sometimes neglect their pets, thinking it can get away with anything. What most people don’t know is that animals need to have the similar amount and kind of attention that humans need. For example, people tend to leave their pets inside the car when running errands, getting laundry services and the like, without knowing that this can be dangerous and result in animal death if prolonged, particularly during a hot weather.

Cruelty investigator Dave McLeod of the Michigan Humane Society received a call from a concerned citizen who saw a dog inside a car in the middle of a very hot weather. It was estimated that the temperature at that time was as high as 95°F and so the dog exhibited signs of thirst and possible dehydration whilst all alone inside the car. McLeod stayed and poured some water inside the car through the window slightly cracked open from time to time. When the owner finally surfaced, the officer reprimanded and almost charged her.

Watch the video here:

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McLeod encouraged the public to never leave animals inside the car, or leave them unattended at all. In such instances, he advised us to call the local government for help so all animals would be protected from potential harm.

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Credits: Michigan Humane via The San Francisco Globe

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