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This Dog Dug a Hole Near A Grave and Slept There. The Reason Will Touch You!

This dog dug a den near a grave in the cemetery.


We all know that one of the reason why humans love dogs is because of their loyalty and great instinct. That is why photos and videos about dogs being rescued often are a big hit on the internet. We love it when these poor creatures are saved. It is a good thing that many people do their best to rescue and give love to these animals.

One great example of this is a German Shepherd seen sleeping in the cemetery. The photos were first posted on social media and then it went viral online around April 2015. Many were quick to assume that the dog dug and slept in the grave because she was agonizing for the lost of her human companion. But the real story behind this is a lot different and will surely amaze you.

Just read further to know the truth behind her reason why she dug and slept in the grave.

Actually, the dog and the grave of the human she dug into are not related.


The dog dug a den into the graveside in Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia. The reason is to keep her puppies well and safe.


An animal rescuer saw the mommy dog and her puppies…


… and decided to bring them home.


Vesna Mihajloski came to the rescue and give these creatures a wonderful place.


A place where they can rest, feel loved, and grow happy.


They have been given good shelter to stay, food, medical attention, and even the love they need.


The puppies are getting bigger and bigger by the moment.


Photo credit:
And they’re obviously happy about their new home.

dog-grave-puppy-3 (1)

Mommy dog together with her puppies are living in a peaceful, safe, and lovely home. They are now happy. Thanks to Vesna Mihajloski for the efforts in taking care of these precious creatures!


It is really amazing on how rescuers turn every dog’s life into a wonderful journey. We can say that everything we do to these creatures, certainly restores our faith in humanity.

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