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Family Converts Their Ceiling Space Into Child’s Playroom – And It’s Awesome!

This family needed some extra space in their home. So they looked up!

What do you do when you need an extra room in your house and creating a new one is out of the question? Most people would say that the best answer for such a dilemma is to reorganize furniture so as to maximize the use of existing space.

However, Angie and her family had a different solution – they looked up. Since their townhouse only had two bedrooms, they came up with the creative idea of building a loft where they can build a dedicated room for working and playing.

As a result, Angie and her daughter can now get busy with their stuff without disturbing each other.

Check out these images and see how they completed the project:

1. Angie and her daughter needed and extra room but didn’t have one. She eventually considered utilizing the ceiling space.

2. Her husband and father-in-law immediately went to work to build the clever loft.

3. Things started to take shape after the flooring was installed.

4. Railings, furniture, and decorations were then added to make the space safe, functional, and attractive.

Source: Angie B. via ApartmentTherapy
5. Here’s the final result!

6. Now here’s the before and after photo of the DIY worspace and playroom project.

It simply looks amazing, doesn’t it? So in case you need an additional room in your house, you might want to consider this effective idea.

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