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How To Get Rid of Bugs With A DIY All-Natural Bug Repellent





Bugs are annoying. There’s really no other way of putting it than that. While they sure are important in our ecosystem, bug bites can really drive you nuts. They’re just really irritating! On top of that, we know that some of these bugs do carry diseases so we really wouldn’t want them close to us or our loved ones.

Now imagine you are having a barbecue in your garden with some guests – and then your party gets ruined by these tiny buggers. Not cool, right? Well it turns out there’s something you can do to keep these annoyances away.

All you will need is a mason jar, a few household items, and you’ll be good to go.

YouTube channel MakersKit Lab shared how to make an all-natural bug repellent using common household items.

all natural bug repellent 1

In a YouTube video entitled “How To Make All Natural Bug Repellent,” MakersKit Lab shared with us how to make – well you guessed it – an all natural bug repellent.

To get started, you will need some mason jars, lemons, limes, water, fresh rosemary, lavender essential oil, and a few tea candles.

Watch the 45-second video here and learn how to make your own bug repellent:

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Although the solution smells terrific to us humans, bugs actually couldn’t stand the scent of it. So this makes them leave.

If you will check out their channel, you will see that MakersKit Lab also makes a lot of great instructional videos about a bunch of other stuff such as how to make homemade thin mints, fabric book covers, copper pine wine racks, and playdoughs from crayons, among many others.

It’s truly a channel worthy of more subscribers. Go visit them on YouTube and take your DIY skills to the next level!

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