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37 Disabled Artists Whose Talents Are Just Over the Top

What is your excuse?

Around 10 million people – roughly 10 percent of the world’s total population – live with a disability, according to the latest annual report from Disability Statistics. This list, however, will make you think twice. Heck, you might not even believe that these art pieces are created by people with disabilities.

From painting using their mouths to photographers who cannot see, it is safe to say that these individuals are truly an inspiration. Despite their conditions, they have found a way to show their talents with the world. For some of them, though, it has been their only way to communicate.

Check this list we compiled here at Elite Readers. We are pretty sure you will find these stories of beautiful individuals motivating!

#1. Despite suffering from autism, Stephen Wiltshire is famous for creating highly-detailed scenes after a brief glance.

#2. Born without arms, Mariusz Kedzierski still manages to draw realistic drawings.

#3. Iris Grace, who suffers from autism, discovered her true talent: painting.

#4. Peter Longstaff came to this world without arms, but his feet are enough to help him paint incredible pieces.

#5. Paul Smith, who was born with cerebral palsy, is able to create artworks using one finger on a typewriter.

#6. Tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet lost his arm, so he decided to undergo prosthetic surgery. And, oh, he designed this steampunk-ish machine himself!

#7. After a horrific electric shock accident, Huang Guofu lost both of his arms. Still, one can say that his painting talents are god-like.

#8. Alana is unable to use both her arms, but she found a way to create art by painting with her mouth.

Source: Reddit
#9. Rakan Abdulaziz Kurdi is a living epitome that disability does not necessarily prohibits you from doing incredible stuff.

Source: rakanku
#10. Uttam Kumar Bhardwaj can paint using his feet, and is also a gold medalist. And he does all these things despite having no arms.

#11. Most of Doug Landis’ body is paralyzed, but he is still capable of showing great talent.

Source: mouthart
#12. Doug Jackson was born with a cerebral palsy. However, he found a way to create art by attaching a special headband.

Source: Doug Jackson
#13. John Bramblitt is “functionally blind” and can only differentiate between sunlight and darkness. He paints using textured paints for him to feel his way around the canvass.

Source: bramblitt
#14. Victorine Floyd Fludd lost her vision at the age of 26. But make no mistake, she is a renowned photographer.

#15. Annette Gabbedey’s jewellery designs are amont the popular in this world, and she does this job despite being born without fingers.

Source: David Hedges
#16. Zuly Sanguino is proof that if there is a will, there is a way. Her disability is nothing to her.

#17. Disabled Iranian artist Fatemeh Hamami draws the portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo using only her feet

#18. Steve Chambers loves to paint using his mouth, as his rare condition caused him to be born with arms devoid of muscles.

#19. Tommy Hollenstein found a way to paint amazing piece of art – through the help of his wheelchair.

#20. Here is Mariam Paré painting a portrait of Chuck Close with her mouth

Source: Mariam Paré
#21. Henry is unable to use his arms and feet, but his mouth is enough to help him paint.

Source: henryfraser0
#22. Yang was diagnosed with Als Disease. So, how exactly does he paint? Well, that is by using his face.

Source: Chilture
#23. Brian Tagalog is a tattoo artist without arms.

#24. Dhiraj Satavilkar’s disability did not prevent him from doing this beautiful stuff.

#25. Desmond Blair may have no hands, but he is probably more talented than others when it comes to painting.

#26. Pete Eckert became a real photographer after he got blind.

Source: Peter Eckert
#27. James Dunn is a 23-year-old, aspiring photographer living with a condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, which makes his skin incredibly fragile and prone to blistering and scarring.

Source: James Dunn
#28. British Artist Sargy Mann became blind in his mid-thirties. Since then, his artworks became more complex and mysterious.

Source: Sargy Mann
#29. Disabled artist Leanne Beetham paints interesting scenes using her mouth.

Source: lippyart
#30. After suffering from a car crash, Keith Jansz was left paralyzed. He eventually learned to paint using his mouth.

Source: Keith Jansz
#31. Pema Tshering has cerebral palsy, but he can still paint using his feet.

32. For Pema Tshering, being blind is not a hindrance. It did not stop him from painting.

Source: dailydetroit
#33. Paralyzed Vietnamese veteran creates stunning artwork with his mouth.

Source: dtinews
#34. 77-year-old Helen Rae is deaf and a completely non-verbal artist.

#35. Another war veteran who found sanctuary with painting.

#36. This man found happiness through painting with his mouth.

Source: Aaron Alf
#37. Jeffrey Ladow is also a disabled artist who uses his mouth to paint.

So, what do you think about this inspiring compilation of disabled artists? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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