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Simple Yet Genius DIY Home Security Trick Using An Ordinary Dinner Fork

Man teaches us how to create a DIY home security system using a dinner fork.

Inah Garcia





Keeping our house (and self) safe and sound is our top priority, particularly when sleeping at night or when going on vacations. We always want to ensure that everything is free from burglars and thieves while we sleep or relax away.

The last thing we want is to keep on standing up and inspecting the entire house every time we hear doubtful sounds or sense unnecessary actions while asleep. Of course during vacations, we also want to think of nothing else but rest and relaxation. But how can this be given the sky-rocket prices of door lock systems?

We found this video of a DIY door lock device that can boost the house’s security with just a dinner fork. Yes, a dinner fork. We could not believe it either at first, but when we saw the entire clip, we were stunned! And the project does not require the leanest of the muscles or the brightest of the brains. The procedure is simple and if executed well, this can potentially secure your house and family well.

Watch the video here:

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Home & DIY

Daddy Duties Taken to the Next Level! Behold, the #SMELFIE!

Real men change nappies!

Jade Angeli



Parenting can be both rewarding and challenging. It can get a little messy at times, so posting the experience on social media may be a way to share your woes with other parents.

Adam Hills, a comedian and dad, posted a photo of himself while changing his daughter's soiled diaper last Friday using the hashtag #smelfie.

Hill's funny post started a 'nappy change revolution' that night.

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This “Analog Memory Desk” Will Let You Record 1,100 Yards of Ideas and Sketches

Imagine how you can put doodles, sketches and random ideas from several months or even years in just one very long roll.

Mini Malabanan



Using hard maple, glass panel, and butcher paper, MCAD student Kirsten Camara transformed her obsession with how people remember things from the past into an “analog memory desk”.

With built-in mechanism for scrolling 1,100 yards of butcher, the unique furniture is designed to become the ultimate sketching surface. Imagine how you can put doodles, sketches and random ideas from several months or even years in just one very long roll.

Although the desk is not commercially available, Camara decided to share its detailed blueprints with a Creative Commons license so you can build your own analog memory desk.

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This Looks Like a Normal Patio. What’s Hidden Underneath? An Awesome Secret!

Shut up and take my money!




Having a pool in the backyard is really cool. You can take a dip anytime during the warm summer months, or swim a few laps to get that much-needed exercise.

Sure, a normal backyard pool is great, but having a pool like this one is way cooler. True to their name, AGOR Creative Engineering created an ingenious masterpiece. Presenting, the seemingly regular patio that transforms itself into a swimming pool.  Yeah, you might have seen something like this before. But wait 'til you see the amazing feature that this pool boasts.

When the swimming pool is locked, it appears as a normal patio or backyard. But when it's activated, the floor descends, revealing an awesome pool with adjustable water height. Yep, you read it right. You can control the height of the water. So it's never going to be a problem if you'll host a pool party for toddlers or for basketball players. While the engineering and design are truly brilliant, we couldn't deny the fact that this pool was created with safety in mind.

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