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Police Raids Noodle Soup Restaurant in China for Serving “Libido Boosters”

Fetuses lined up like fish in the market found in a noodle soup restaurant in China.


A new photo featuring dead fetuses being sold in China has circulated in the social media once again. Although information about the exact circumstances behind the photo were limited, police allegedly found this in a noodle soup restaurant in China. The person who uploaded the photo said the fetuses were lined up and being sold like fish. You can notice three people in the background who are probably the vendors of the fetuses.

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Netizens have expressed their disgust over the photo and shared some very strong words of aversion towards this practice. As this new photo appears to be totally different from the ones posted a few years back, it is shocking to know that this still continues to happen.

Dead fetuses lined up like fish in the market.

The public speculates that these fetuses were aborted so that their mothers can escape the sanctions of China’s one-child policy. The said policy dictates that families should only have one child, unless if the first born is a girl. According to the US State Department, Parliament of the United Kingdom, and the human rights organization Amnesty International, China’s family planning schemes may contribute to infanticide, or infant homicide, which pertains to the “intentional killing of children under the age of 12 months.”

Some netizens even commented that a handful of restaurants offer “soup number 5,” which is said to be composed of whole fetuses. This soup is also believed to taste delicious and enhance sexual desire.

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South Korea Seized Smuggled Pills from China Containing Powdered Human Fetuses

Thousands of pills containing powdered human fetuses were recovered by South Korean officials.

Yet another shocking news: South Korean customs officials confiscated thousands of pills containing powdered human fetuses, which allegedly came from China. Since August 2011, South Korean officials have seized approximately 17,000 of these repulsive capsules from 35 smuggling attempts. Test results revealed that the so-called medicines were made up of 99.7% human tissues! The genders of the fetuses were also identified because of the test.

Those who have been detained for smuggling the pills claim that they are unaware of its components and how they are manufactured. Customs officials said, ” The capsules were all confiscated, but no one has been punished because the amount was deemed small and they were not intended for sale.” 

The pills are believed to be manufactured in Jilin region, which is proximal to North Korea.


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Deadly Chinese Wuhan Virus Speculated to Have Come From Bat Soup

Bat soup is a known delicacy in the city of Wuhan.

  • Protein codes found in the virus are just like the ones found in snakes, which hunt for bats in the wild.
  • Bat soup is a common delicacy in Wuhan.
  • Bats were confirmed to be the source of the SARS virus.

The coronavirus from China has now caused the world panic. It has already reached as far as the United States. Now new findings revealed that the disease could have come from the wild animals being sold in markets in Wuhan, the ground zero of the coronavirus.

Researchers discovered that the protein codes found in the virus are just like the ones found in snakes. Now the snakes are known to hunt for bats in the wild, which could have infected the former.

A market in Wuhan reportedly sells wildlife illegally and the meat is used in local cuisine.

According to Gao Fu, the director general of China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the latest virus is 70% similar to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus.

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People in China Use Disgusting “Gutter Oil” From Sewers to Cook Food

Is it safe to eat street foods in China?

Aside from seeing magnificent places and attractions, part of the thrill of being a tourist is trying out exotic food and specialty cuisines in your chosen destination – particularly if you are someone with adventurous taste buds.

For example, if you are in China, you’d probably want to try out fantastic street foods like baozi (traditional Chinese dumplings), snake meat, duck and chicken feet, chou doufu (stinky tofu), bat delicacies, you tiao (deep fried breadstick), and, of course, fried noddles.

However, you might want to be a little more careful about how you pick your food sellers – especially with the previous food scandal that have struck the country.

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In China, Villagers Feed Rice to Trees To Help Them Flourish

The tradition dates back to centuries.

Trees are all familiar to us but the unique way of how it grows and functions is not quite common knowledge. The growth involves complicated science but basically, but it starts out just like any plant. You’ll start with a seedling and in a month or two, a true stem will start to grow; the leaves start to spring forth and soon the bark and wood form.

Trees need food to grow but you can’t really give it food since it makes its own from sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and nutrients found in soil. However, in a certain province in China, an actual tree feeding happens.

Locals from Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture located in Hubei Province in central China perform the tradition of feeding trees with rice every year, particularly in Lichun, the start of spring in the Chinese lunar calendar. This tradition dates back to centuries and there are even experts saying that the trees would thrive and would even bear more fruits if they are fed with rice.

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Millions of Dangerous, Fake Condoms From China Exported to Various Countries

Expired condoms are recycled, applied with cheap oil and re-packaged as new. Horrific!

We’ve featured lots of fake products available in the market today. Fake rice, chocolate drink and all other edible stuff that reckless people make just to make money. The most shocking fake stuff featured are those that are edible because these are the food we eat — we put it inside our bodies for nutrition and health yet these may be the very reasons that can kill us.

It seems like people can fake everything because we found yet another consumer product that is being faked for we don’t know how many years now — condoms.

Fake condoms were made in a makeshift workshop in Shanghai.


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Octopus Attacks Woman Who Tries To Eat It On Live Stream

It almost ripped her face off!

Seaside Girl Little Seven is a live-streaming host in China. She wanted to gain popularity so she decided to eat a live octopus in front of the camera for her viewers.

However, things went horribly wrong when her meal decided to fight back. The woman was left sobbing after the live octopus she tried to feast on attacked her and nearly ripped her face off.

In the video, Seaside Girl Little Seven can be seen preparing to take a bite of the octopus before it suctions itself to her skin. She remained calm at first, even telling her viewers, “look how hard it’s sucking,” as she tried to remove a tentacle from her upper lip.

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Everything Can Be Fake in China, Even Ordinary Foods

I don’t think I’ll ever eat again.

China is one of the biggest countries in the world, and its vast population has become an increasing economic problem. Apparently, their natural resources are slowly running out, and cannot fully sustain the entire nation. This is the reason why counterfeits are very rampant in the country.

Although there have been numerous reports of product counterfeits coming from China, we did not expect that even food items can have fake versions in this country! It is alarming because such practices can harm people’s health and even cause death.

Below is a list of 9 counterfeit food items made in China.

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Vice Mayor Claims Lava Stops When Its Wet, Police Wants To Throw Him Into Taal Volcano

He also wants residents within the danger zone to return home, despite warnings of hazardous eruption.

  • Vice Mayor Charlie Natanauan of Talisay, Batangas thinks residents within the danger zone of Taal Volcano should already return home, despite Alert Level #4 warnings.
  • Natanauan says seismologists’ “opinions” about the eruption is already damaging the local economy.
  • The police chief of Calabarzon said he’ll throw Natanauan to the volcano as a sacrifice if people go back to their residences because of his encouragements.

A public official in the Philippines has sparked outrage among netizens after downplaying authorities’ warnings about the dangers posed by Taal Volcano. According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Alert Level #4 remains in several areas and a hazardous eruption could possibly happen within hours or days.

However, Talisay Vice Mayor Charlie Natanauan, said in media interviews that PHIVOLCS director Renato Solidum “is not God” and that no one – scientists included – can really predict volcanic eruptions. He also wants to ask President Rodrigo Duterte to reverse the agency’s “opinion” about the eruption because sensationalizing the news is already hurting the economy.

“What if the volcano will only erupt after 1 year?” he asked, adding it would be hard for people to stay in evacuation centers for a long time. So he’s suggesting that residents within the danger zone to return to their homes and go on with their lives.

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