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Drug Dealer, Thinking His Stash of Cocaine Has Been Stolen, Called 911 For Help

Seriously, this guy needs professional help in one way or another.

It is rare for a criminal or suspect to call the police to have himself arrested. It is like a shot to the moon, something that can happen in, say, dreams. But hey, this does not actually apply to a Florida drug dealer who found himself calling the authorities. And believe it or not, his reason was a laughing matter.

David Blackmon ended up calling the Oklahoosa County Sheriff’s Office. The reason? He wanted to report his stash of drugs and a bag full of cash which appear to have been stolen.

He probably thought that the authorities would help him find the person who he believed stole his valuables.

According to Daily Mail, the 32-year-old even admitted to the authorities that he was a drug dealer. The cops willingly came to his aid, only to arrest him of his crimes. He even complained about his $50 being stolen.

Blackmon also mentioned that along with the cash, his quarter ounce of cocaine was stolen from his car. Apparently, when the authorities came, the drugs were found on the same spot along with a crack pipe. These were all found on the floor on the driver’s door.

David was both a drug dealer and user.

The drug dealer reportedly questioned the authorities about why they still asked him if they had found the cocaine already. Later on, he refused to follow orders, forcing the cops to restrain him.

Blackmon was charged with possession of illegal drugs and paraphernalia. He was also arrested for violently resisting arrest from the authorities.

He then took to Facebook to tell the world about what conspired. That the police wanted to “dirty” his name, thus people should not believe everything they “see and hear.”
Referencing his infamous arrest, he has this to say:

I’ll never do something like that never call on myself never say something like that and everything that found was not in my possession.”

Blackmon clarified everything that had happened during his arrest, contradicting the official reports.

Blackmon, however, admitted on the social media site that the cocaine was his. He further explained that he knew nothing about what was in the car.

Don’t believe the hype real talk putting me all on fb but I always make the headlines though.”

Well, kudos still for him, for having the guts to call the police. This dude was clearly all over the place.


A Photographer’s Chilling Capture Of Ukraine’s Serial Killers’ Gazes

I won’t mind staying out of their line of sight, please.


Independent photographer David Tesinsky, known for depicting controversial and unusual social topics through his photo series, embarked on another evocative photo-documentary, this time, in a prison in Kharkiv, east of Ukraine. Those who have seen his latest photos describe the portraits chilling.

Tesinsky, writing in an article entitled “I’ve Photographed the Gaze of Serial Killers In A Prison In Ukraine”, shared that the Kharkiv jail had more leeway for those incarcerated. The penitentiary for the worst criminals in Ukraine allows weddings of prisoners inside its walls, provides TV for each convict and offers a room for rent for those who want private time with their lovers.

Together with Ukrainian journalist Oleksiy Naumenko, Tesinsky photographs the looks of evil. Locked behind bars, his camera captures the faces of men and women convicted of killing strangers, policemen and family members - one of them guilty of murdering 29 people.

Check this gallery and gaze into the eyes of these killers, all of whom are serving life sentences.

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Tsunaina, who hails from Tibet and is currently living in the UK, has beautiful slanted eyes, gorgeous pouty lips, chiseled jawline, and lots of beauty marks scattered all over her lower face.

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