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Crazy Daredevil Goes Bungee Jumping Without Safety Harness





If you think you have watched the most terrifying and jaw-dropping thriller of the century then you are damn wrong!

Meet another daredevil and insanely thriller seeker Damien Gareth Walters who came all the way from the land of Royalties, the United Kingdom, just to prove that Robin Sharma is totally accurate when he said that the fears we don’t face become our limits. Without any hesitation and whatsoever, he and his crew prepared for what might be the craziest yet most dangerous act of all times—bungee jumping without the safety harness!

As seen at first, the four-timer participant of the Trampoline World Championships and his team were busy doing the initial drill and checking. Moments later, Walters was next seen hopping in to the diving machine leaving any amount of fear and doubt behind. As he tightly held the rope and slightly checked for balance, it was just split seconds when the breathe-taking act began and BOY DID MY HEART STOPPED! It was a jump for the GOLD!

Watch the nerve-wracking video:

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Although a lot of daredevil acts and gimmickries are flooding the internet, authorities still cannot help but warn each and potential followers that such acts are only for professionals and not to be done otherwise.

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