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Crazy Daredevil Goes Bungee Jumping Without Safety Harness

If you think you have watched the most terrifying and jaw-dropping thriller of the century then you are damn wrong!

Bernadette Carillo





If you think you have watched the most terrifying and jaw-dropping thriller of the century then you are damn wrong!

Meet another daredevil and insanely thriller seeker Damien Gareth Walters who came all the way from the land of Royalties, the United Kingdom, just to prove that Robin Sharma is totally accurate when he said that the fears we don’t face become our limits. Without any hesitation and whatsoever, he and his crew prepared for what might be the craziest yet most dangerous act of all times—bungee jumping without the safety harness!

As seen at first, the four-timer participant of the Trampoline World Championships and his team were busy doing the initial drill and checking. Moments later, Walters was next seen hopping in to the diving machine leaving any amount of fear and doubt behind. As he tightly held the rope and slightly checked for balance, it was just split seconds when the breathe-taking act began and BOY DID MY HEART STOPPED! It was a jump for the GOLD!

Watch the nerve-wracking video:

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Although a lot of daredevil acts and gimmickries are flooding the internet, authorities still cannot help but warn each and potential followers that such acts are only for professionals and not to be done otherwise.

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10-Month-Old Baby Drifted 1km Out at Sea After Sunbathing Parents Forgot About Her

Baby girl slept in her floatation device, unaware that she’s more than half a mile out at sea.

Ann Moises



The people were horrified when they realized what was floating more than half a mile off a public beach in the town of Küçükkuyu, Turkey. No, it wasn't a shark or a mythical sea creature---it was a baby!

A 10-month-old baby girl named Melda Ilgin drifted far out onto the Aegean Sea towards the Greek Island of Lesbos. The strong winds and ocean current swept the sleeping baby, who was in her yellow floatation device, unaware of the peril that might happen to her.

As soon as the family realized she was gone, she was already far out. The beachgoers attempted to save the oblivious infant, but they were unsuccessful.

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Guy Successfully Finishes Six Beers In Two Minutes But Left A Hilarious Aftermath!

He was doing very well and managed to keep his cool throughout the challenge but toward the end, uh-oh…

Inah Garcia



Once in a while, we go out with friends to unwind and relax after a hard day's work. One of the best ways ways to do that is to eat some good food and drink a little bit of alcohol to temporarily free us from our miseries. Alcohol can make us tipsy and with the right amounts, a good kind of craziness may be unleashed from us. But when drunk in excessively high amounts, some kind of trouble will surely strike!

In this video we found, a group of friends decided to hold a beer challenge. One guy was asked to drink six bottles of Cruisers, because according to the person holding the video camera, it was his punishment for not drinking the night before. The guy started pretty well -- calm and composed. But right after he chugged down the last drop of the sixth beer, uh-oh, he spewed everything in seconds and toward a target that was least expected!

Watch the video here:

We felt for the two guys who spewed and got spewed. Nonetheless, we found their friendship amazing as everyone was up for a good laugh!

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In China, Live Animals Stuffed Inside Plastic are Sold as Keychains

Definitely sick!

Grace Alviar Viray



Dead stuffed animals are popular. People preserve them to keep what's left of them when they pass on, like if these were pets or a hunting prize, or for academic purposes.

However, it's totally different in China. They stuff live animals, put them in plastic key chains, and eat them once they die!

Yes, you read that right.

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