Guy Photoshops His Dad Into Iconic Pop Culture Moments

This is what happens when your son is a Photoshop expert...

  • Graphic designer Matt Bonito photoshops his dad into “serious scenes” for fun.
  • His funny edits have since gained attention from different websites online.
  • According to Matt, his dad actually loves “acting” for the photos.

It’s always fun to play with Photoshop if you know your way around the software. And yes, some of the good ones eventually end up going viral on the internet.

Case in point, Matt Bonito decided to edit his father’s photos into popular movie and historic moments and the images managed to grab the attention of popular websites. As a result, Dom Bonito, Matt’s dad, is now getting a lot of love online – thanks to his son’s shenanigans!

In an interview, Matt reflected:

“I started doing it about 6 or 7 years ago, just taking pictures of my dad messing about around the house and posting it on Facebook. My dad used to be a teacher at the local high school, which makes him a bit of a local celebrity where he lives. The posts became really popular among my (and his) friends. I then came up with the idea of inserting him into famous historical images, and then films and TV programs.”

He has since created social media pages for Dadvent where he uploads his new edits. His process? He deliberately looks for “serious scenes that are made comedy by my dad’s inclusion.”

A graphic designer by profession, Matt shared that he has a great relationship with his old man.

“My dad and I get on so well. We try to have dinner together at least once a week when the subject of Dadvent usually comes up. He’s basically an older version of me, so it’s nice to just hang out sometimes, he said.”












To see more Dadvent updates, go check out the official accounts over at Facebook and/or Instagram.

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