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When This Curious Cat Inspects A Weird Christmas Tree. A Hilarious Thing Happened!

If you want a good laugh check out this curious kitty!


Cats are known as curious creatures, hence the metaphor “Curiousity Killed the Cat.” A good example is this particular feline who got very curious on a tiny ‘singing’ Christmas tree. He didn’t know what he was looking at so he begun to investigate. It didn’t take long, however, for this mysterious decoration to completely take him by surprise. The important part is that the cat was not hurt by this.

Watch The Video:

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Guilty Dog Busted For Being Naughty

When your dog is caught doing something naughty, do they act guilty?

Remember Denver the Guilty Dog from her original video that went extremely viral. If you haven't heard of him before, Denver is known around the globe as the guiltiest dog around! This time, the mischievous dog was caught being too interested with the Christmas Tree ornaments.

When confronted by her dad, Denver refuses to admit the crime, but the look on her face say it all. Her owner is quite wondering, how she was able to get those hard-to-reach Christmas balls. Is it possible Denver is conspiring with the cats?

Watch The Funny Video:

When your dog is caught doing something naughty, do they act guilty?

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Baffled Owner Set Up Hidden Cam To See Who Raids The Fridge When Nobody’s Home.

What a clever dog!

Radio host Adam Montiel was baffled how his yellow Labrador, Allie, kept raiding the refrigerator when he wasn't home. So he set up a hidden camera to catch his clever dog in the act and this is what he discovered!

The video captures Allie making sure the kitchen is clear before she starts looking for food. First stop is the trash can. She knocked it over and when she couldn't find anything delectable inside, she head straight to the freezer. Using her arms and paws, she systematically open it like a pro and grab a couple of frozen goodies.

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This Grandma And Her Grandson Sing “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”. The Result Is Awesome!

I’m clapping and smiling like an idiot behind my computer screen.


This guy may look like a hedgehog because of his spiky hair but his singing is purely awesome. His grandma also got a killer voice that left me utterly speechless. At first, I thought this was just a joke, but I was blown away within seconds when she started singing. This woman can definitely sing!

Watch the video of them having fun together.

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