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Cruel Man Freezes His Dog To Death After He Poured Water And Left Her In The Cold

The poor dog froze to death on the coldest night of the Russian winter so far.

A dog owner is now receiving some well-deserved backlash after his dog froze to death on the coldest night in the coldest city in the world. A chilling video shows the dog, with her frightened eyes wide open, pleading for help.

Apparently, the dog’s whole body froze solid and encased in ice in its kennel in Yakutsk, Russia.

The dog was whimpering with her eyes wide open but since she was suffering due to hypothermia, she had to be put down.

The dog owner deliberately froze his pet dog after pouring water on her and leaving her out in the cold with temperatures plunging down to -32°C. The neighbors were able to raise an alarm. The rescuers were able to free the dog and rushed her to the veterinarian.

One female volunteer said:

“The eyes, I will never forget them. Did you ever see a man who wanted to live but who was already dying?”

Animal activist volunteers in the area demanded action against the owner and they already had a petition with 10,000 signatures.

The owner was not named but reports say that he has neglected the dog in the past.

The volunteer added:

“It’s one thing when your dog dies, but this man has many children.”

“Today he let his dog die next to his house, and tomorrow the same may happen to his children.”

However, the volunteers are complaining about the police’s inaction over the case. They are also questioning the local mayor’s policy to clean up the area by exterminating stray dogs. This opens the opportunity for cruel people to mistreat and perform cruel acts to unwanted dogs.

Despite the fact that a dog is a man’s best friend, there are still some individuals who show cruelty to these loyal and loving creatures. And that’s really sad!

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Sea Turtles Are Turning Female Because of Rising Temperatures

The warmer the temperature is, the bigger probability that hatchlings will turn female.

Here's a fascinating tidbit about sea turtles - their gender depends on temperature. The warmer the temperature is, the bigger probability that hatchlings will turn female. Because of global warming, the number of female sea turtles are increasing dramatically.

According to the study of researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, California State University and Worldwide Fund for Nature Australia,:

"Combining our results with temperature data show that the northern GBR green turtle rookeries have been producing primarily females for more than two decades and that the complete feminisation of this population is possible in the near future."

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Million of Crabs in Christmas Island Marches Back to the Jungle After Mating Season

The tide of crustaceans crawling all over the beach is so thick it can be seen from Google Earth.

Once a year, millions of baby crabs can be seen making their way to the beaches of Christmas Island during mating season. These crabs came from the ocean and are heading towards the jungle where the adult crabs live.

The march produces a sea of crimson, a sight so amazing that it has become a tourist attraction. The tide of crustaceans crawling all over the beach is so thick it can be seen from Google Earth. Just try to imagine that!

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Woman Performs Surgery On A Butterfly With Broken Wings – And It Worked!

Despite having no medical expertise, she was able to perform a successful wing transplant.

Monarch butterflies are perhaps one of the most interesting species, with wings that seem to be a work of art. They can only live from two weeks to five months the most. Apparently, there was a certain butterfly on a brink of death. It basically came into this world with a defected wing.

Romy McCloskey vowed to raise three monarch butterflies, but one of these creatures had a problem on its wings. Determined he could save it, Romy turned her home into a mini operating room. She even used common household items in performing a wing transplant. Yes, that's right – a wing transplant!

What is more interesting is the fact that Romy had no medical expertise whatsoever. She was a “professional costume designer and master hand embroiderer,” though. Still, she managed to make the operation successful.

Scroll down and check out the photos to see how the surgery went!

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