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Informative Video Explains How Stress Is Slowly Harming Our Bodies





Everyone has experienced stress no matter what their age or gender is. Stress can be advantageous to most people especially if you are a student or if you are working in the corporate world. It can push you to work to your full potential. However, it can be also a disadvantage. It affects our body systems that it leads us to sickness. Unfortunately, sometimes, it can lead some people to their untimely de.ath.

Stress is like a silent disease that can slowly ki!l you. We may have read a lot publications and articles about the importance of stress reduction and how we can help fight manage stress in order to have a healthy mind and body. Defense mechanisms such as diversion of activities and displacement, are some examples to help reduce stress.

But, what is stress really? How does it affect our body? TED-Ed’s creative video about stress shows how it really affects our body and how our body responds to it.

Watch the video here:

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Remember, don’t stress yourself out.

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