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Guy Sleeping at a Dairy Farm Receives the Most Disgusting Prank from His Colleagues

This will make you think twice about sleeping at work.

You’ve probably had friends or colleagues play a prank on you while you’re trying to sneak some snooze time at the workplace. Maybe they tried to place a paper clip in your openly snoring mouth or maybe they took a picture of your I-look-drugged-and-out appearance and posted the image on Facebook for the entire office to see.

Whatever it is that they did to you, we’re pretty sure it’s not as bad as what this poor fella got when he fell asleep on the job.

While he was slumped on the chair taking a nap at the dairy farm, his colleagues placed the very cooperative cow behind him and positioned the creature’s arse right above his head. You can probably guess what happened next…

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You may not be working on a dairy farm, but you may think twice now about sleeping while at work.


7.5 cm Spider with Fangs Dripping Venom, Dropped Off at Australian Hospital

If you’re terrified of spiders, stop reading this.

If you're terrified of spiders, stop reading this.

A huge funnel web spider measuring 7.5 centimeters was found by a bushwalker, who then dropped off the creature at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales. Venom was dripping off the spider's fangs when the bushwalker found it.

The size alone makes it terrifying to behold...

The size alone makes it terrifying to behold......

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Guy Bitten Over 160 Times By World’s Deadliest Snakes Claims He Found A Vaccine

He claims to have invented a powerful vaccine.

I recently stumbled upon this video on YouTube and to be frank, it definitely made me cringe.

The video shows us Tim Friede, an amateur scientist from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin who claims he has invented a vaccine against deadly snake bites.

According to Friede, he has been bitten more than 160 times in just 16 years. He’s doing it intentionally to test his immunity. ...

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Opossum Miraculously Survives After Being Shoot Twice With Crossbow Arrows

An opossum miraculously survived after it was shot in the head and torso by crossbow arrows.

An opossum was found at an intersection in Riverside, California with two crossbow arrows lodged in its body. It miraculously survived despite being shot in the head and torso last Friday. The marsupial looked terrified and hurt even when it was found trying to remove the crossbows from its body.

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services said that the crossbows struck the side of the body of the opossum and just above his right eye. A caller found the marsupial and immediately reported it to officials. The department did not delay and went straight to the location of the animal.

This opossum got shot with two crossbows.


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