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Couple Uses Alligator As Part Of Their Gender Reveal Party

The Kliebert family stepped up their game.

Gender reveal parties are always exciting as couples couldn’t wait to let people close to their hearts know whether they’re having a girl or a boy. There are different themes would-be parents would go for when revealing the gender of their unborn.

A couple from Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Mike Kliebert and Rebecca Miller, however, decided to stray away from the usual gender reveal parties involving cakes, cupcakes or popping balloons. They’ve gone to the extreme by using an alligator instead.

The trending couple, Rebecca and Mike, used an alligator for their baby's gender reveal.

As they are professional trained alligator handlers themselves, they couldn’t think of a better way to make the gender reveal more personal. Kliebert, in an interview with TODAY, said:

“Being that alligators are part of our family, we wanted to include them in our gender reveal.”

Since the couple wanted the event to be extra special and personal, they chose a 60-year-old gator that was hatched by Kliebert’s grandfather back in 1957.

The alligator’s name is Sally and she is as trained as she could be for she recognizes her name by responding to it and could understand color signals and commands.

The Facebook video was shared by Mike’s sister, Melody Kliebert, went viral.

Sally had a hollowed-out watermelon inside his mouth while Mike and Rebecca’s family and friends surrounded the reptile and waited in anticipation. The alligator then took a bite, with blueberry Jell-O spitting out which simply meant that the couple is having a boy!

Blue Jell-o leaked out from Sally's jaws!

Rebecca was hoping for a girl. Mike, on the other hand, was more aggressive in hoping for a boy. He even prayed for a baby boy before he placed the watermelon into the alligator’s mouth.

The Kliebert family is happy with their soon-to-be newest addition to the family.

Rebecca and Mike’s baby will be named River Joseph Daniel Kliebert and he is expected to be born in late July.

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