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20 Cool Matching Tattoo Ideas For Couples Who Believe in Forever

Thinking of getting a tattoo with your significant other? Here are some suggestions you might want to consider!

Does forever really exist? Apparently, this is what these couples believed in when they made the risky decision to have these awesome matching tattoos inked on their bodies. Instead of having their lover’s name or face tattooed on them, these couples thought of a better way to prove that they should grow old together.

Although most of these tattoos stand on their own, they look slightly incompletely without their pair.

Take for instance the inked Star wars characters R2-D2 and C-3PO. They work best together, but still stand on their own. We think that’s the perfect way to describe individuals in a healthy relationship!

Check out these adorable matching lovers’ tattoos.

Nothing says ‘cool’ better than a cat high-five!


Photo credit: Instagram
They must be musicians!


Like a hipster yin-yang or something


Photo credit: Wouldstudio
Rocket Raccoon will approve!


Photo credit: Instagram
Calvin and Hobbes


Photo credit:
‘Deer’ to each other’s heart.


Photo credit: Instagram
You are my life.


Photo credit: Unknown
You complete me!


Photo credit: Flickr
From the cartoon CatDog.


Photo credit: Unknown
Still unfinished but already awesome.



Photo credit:
“I find your lack of tats disturbing!


Photo credit:
These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.


Photo credit:
Free as a bird


Photo credit:
Love birds indeed!



Photo credit:
Colorful bridge is colorful.


Photo credit:
Mickey and Minnie.


Photo credit:
Tiny but awesome


Photo credit: Unknown
Call me, maybe?


Photo credit: Instagram
King and Queen of hearts


Photo credit: Unknown
Robotic love.


Photo credit: Flickr

So what if a relationship turns sour and eventually leads to a bad break-up? Would they need a laser removal treatment to have their body art removed? Well, it’s really up to the person but honestly, the individual tattoos are way too awesome be even erased.

If you have your very own matching couple tattoos, don’t hesitate to share it with our readers by hitting the comment section below.


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