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Watch As Cops Take Down $4m Bank Heist Like It Was From a Movie

You got to give these policemen the credit they deserve.

The world is full of violence, but despite that, there are those who still fight the good fight. Recently, authorities were able to apprehend the suspects of a bank heist. Captured on video, the interception appears to be in a dramatic fashion like it is from a film or something.

The heist involved a plot to steal $4 million from armored vehicles. It took place in South Florida where, unfortunately, the drivers of said vehicles were murdered. Unluckily for three suspects, the authorities were able to surround them in an Interstate located in Martin County.

A group of robbers planned to bring home $4 million, a plot they carefully planned for years.

All of the dramatic actions were captured via an aerial footage courtesy of Martin County’s Sheriff’s Office. It shows multitudes of law enforcement vehicles moving around the scene, as armed officials try to apprehend the fleeing suspects.

The police refer to the suspects as “violent masterminds of the failed deadly plot.” They were identified as Daryl Canady (aka Doo-Doo), Martiavius Leon Williams (aka Man), and Alger Lee Ellison.

Unfortunately for them, the authorities, through an information, got hold of their plan’s details.

According to official reports, the suspects had carefully planned to rob an armored truck, which was en route from a large bank run at a PNC Bank situated in Port St. Lucie. They wanted to steal millions of cash. Although their plan failed, they were able to kill two employees in the vehicle.

Following the heist, the three suspects hoped to carry out a second deadly robbery. This was where they targeted another armored bank car. Fortunately, the details of their plan were divulged to an FBI informant who, thanks to him, was very instrumental in the takedown of the suspects.

The takedown was successful, albeit dramatic, just like the one you usually see on a movie.

The evidence gathered was enough for the authorities to sanction a special takedown operation. As of this writing, the suspects remain in federal custody.

Watch the footage of the dramatic takedown below:

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