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Woman Publicly Raped And Beheaded In Congo After Serving ‘Forbidden’ Fish In Restaurant

Some human beings are just so vicious they deserve to be called monsters instead. Case in point, a video recently surfaced on the internet showing that tragic moment when a woman was publicly executed by rebel fighters in Congo after she allegedly serving them with ‘forbidden fish’.

According to reports, the attack happened in Luebo in the province of Kasaï-Occidental. The said footage shows a naked woman as she was publicly shamed in the town’s main square by a group of men who claims allegiance to the Kamuina Nsapu rebel movement. And it’s really sick and disgusting!

This woman was punished and killed in public after serving forbidden fish to rebels in her restaurant.

Although the footage has been filmed April 8, 2017, it was only recently that it began to spread on Whatsapp.

In an interview with France 24, A Luebo resident who witnessed the execution said:

“They said she gave them beans that contained pieces of a small, local fish.

“Convinced that she had broken their protection charms, the council of rebels led by a man named Kabata sentenced both the woman and the son of her husband’s second wife [the young man was also working there that day] to commit incest in public.”

According to Anaclet Tshimbalanga, a consultant and researcher in Congo, Kamuina Nsapu rebels “refrain from having sex, washing themselves and eating meat, fish and other items while fighting,” wrote the DailyMail.

Kalamba Kambangoma, leader of the rebel group, can be seen grabbing the woman’s hair before she was taken to the stage to be raped in front of a crowd.

The men then forced the woman to have sex with the son of her husband’s second wife. Meanwhile, another woman can be seen in the background, whipping the two using branches.

The horrific violence didn’t end there.

After the act, the group them killed both the woman and the young man and beheaded them. As if that wasn’t enough, the rebels also drank their blood and some even posed for pictures with the severed head of the young man.

Strangely, the crowd in the background can be heard cheering throughout the clip.

Tshimbalanga would later comment saying that the execution “goes completely contrary to local customs, which forbid both the death sentence and incest”. She also added:

“These cases of extreme violence are a result of drugs or, sometimes, of people getting caught up in the frenzy and excitement of bloodshed and war.”

The corpses were left displayed in public for two days before they were brought to the cemetery.

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