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Creative Photographer Mashes Photos Together For Hilarious Results





Believe it or not, the images below are not Photoshopped – it’s all really a product of pure brilliance, talent, and wild imagination.

Yes, none of these photos have been manipulated using a graphic-editing software. In fact, giving it a closer look will reveal that these pieces are actually made of two images.

Stephen McMennamy, an art director, created all these unique works of art. What he did was to take two pictures and then put them up together to produce stunning results. He called it the #ComboPhotos project.

According to him, all he does is to come up with a cool concept, take picture of the two objects, and then simply merge the images together.

combo-photos-project 1

Photo credit: smcmennamy
Cereal truck

combo-photos-project 2

Photo credit: smcmennamy
"Thanks for the shade, man! But my girl needs one, too."

combo-photos-project 3

Photo credit: smcmennamy
Ice cream skiing

combo-photos-project 4

Photo credit: smcmennamy
A literal hairbrush.

combo-photos-project 5

Photo credit: smcmennamy
Stephen McMennamy enjoys merging two unrelated objects just to see what happens.

combo-photos-project 6

Photo credit: smcmennamy

When he started the project, McMennamy was only using an iPhone to take the images. Lately though, he purchased a brand new camera so he can achieve greater quality for the photos. He also utilizes a drone in certain occasions.

Industrial scoop.

combo-photos-project 7

Photo credit: smcmennamy
No lighter necessary

combo-photos-project 8

Photo credit: smcmennamy
Sprinkle it on.

combo-photos-project 9

Photo credit: smcmennamy
He was using nothing but an iPhone when he first started the project.

combo-photos-project 10

Photo credit: smcmennamy
A sandy situation.

combo-photos-project 11

Drill and jump

combo-photos-project 12

Photo credit: smcmennamy

He explains “It’s really just from looking around and seeing what things are out in the world might make for an interesting fit or what would make for a nice contrast once combined.”

Eventually, he bought another camera to take his hobby to the new level.

combo-photos-project 13

Photo credit: smcmennamy
Weird-looking fruit.

combo-photos-project 14

Photo credit: smcmennamy
Wavy water?

combo-photos-project 15

Photo credit: smcmennamy

McMennamy is presently employed at BBDO Atlanta as the creative art director.

Many have praised his output for the images' seamless transition.

combo-photos-project 16

Photo credit: smcmennamy
His work circulates heavily on social media.

combo-photos-project 17

Photo credit: smcmennamy
"This tastes funny"

combo-photos-project 18

Photo credit: smcmennamy
Explosive gloves

combo-photos-project 19

Photo credit: smcmennamy
Cutting the cheese

combo-photos-project 20

Photo credit: smcmennamy
Cherry bowling

combo-photos-project 21

Photo credit: smcmennamy
Green balloon

combo-photos-project 22

Photo credit: smcmennamy

If you want to check out more of his stuff, you can visit him on Instagram or Facebook.

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