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This Intelligent Bird Played with His Owner! What He Does? I Can’t Believe it!





We already know there are intelligent birds that can perform tricks such as following instructions, doing something beyond normal and talking to someone. One particular birds that is known to do such things is the parakeet. The parakeets are considered not only as intelligent birds but also as having wonderful characteristics such as being sociable and can easily be trained. The parakeets can immediately adapt to their environment. They are known as good-humored and good-natured birds. Sometimes they can become mischievous which you will gladly enjoy. And they are very friendly.

Just like Cody, the parakeet in the video. He has a distinct talent that showed how a parakeet can be playful.  Cody loves to play peekaboo with his owner. And it never gets old! He also loves kisses and says “Hi Cody!” to himself, over and over again!

Watch this Awesome Bird:

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