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Intelligent Women Claim Their High Intellect Makes It Hard To Find Mr. Right

Intelligent women claim they find it hard to find a suitable partner because guys find them too smart for them to handle.

Gender equality seems to be an unending issue even nowadays. It is even placing a barrier between men and women wanting to date each other.

While females used to be experts only at house tasks during the earlier years, more and more women are now wanting to find their own self-worth and establish a good career. We now have female engineers, doctors, lawyers and even skilled workers which only proves that women can also be excellent at doing masculine jobs. However, as they try to prove their intellectual and physical capabilities and attract good-paying jobs, love, on the other hand, seems to draw away from them.

Looking at Natasha Hooper, she’s supposed to be a big catch to men looking for someone to date.

Natasha Hooper is one of the smart women of this generation who can’t seem to find the man who would compliment her. As she goes out on a date, she would rather prepare a list of conversational topics she hopes would bridge her philosophies and the mainstream interests of her date than spending hours in front of the mirror to get her hair done or put on a perfect makeup.

Natasha comes in a complete package, but her intellect sets her standards high.

The 22-year-old undergraduate shared her quite disastrous date she had with a 30-year-old office worker a few weeks ago. As she waited for the man at the bar, she thought of bringing up the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for a topic they could debate on during their date.

Natasha doesn’t want to settle with mentally immature men who can’t deal with educated women.

However, Natasha’s subject seemingly scared away her handsome, smartly-dressed date seemingly the minute she mentioned Jeremy Corbyn. She said her date was clueless about the leader and after a couple of minutes of letting her dwell into the topic she chose, her date started to shift the subject to reality TV and football. Natasha said, it was then that she realized that she’s no closer to finding Mr. Right, then decided to leave.

Natasha is an attractive woman, but she keeps ending up with men who cannot meet her standards. She explains:

“I’m not claiming to be Albert Einstein, but I can’t seem to meet a man I find intellectually stimulating.”

According to statistics, there are 30,000 more women than men who are starting degree courses in the UK alone. This carries over into workplace where figures reveal that women aged from 22 to 29 now earn £1,111 more a year than their male peers.

This has somehow divided men and women. Career-oriented women are even found out to delay their motherhood not because they wish to focus on their jobs, but because they have difficulties in finding suitable men. As a result, some women are already resorting to freezing their eggs as an insurance policy.

Natasha, who just came from a failed relationship, then says:

“Men may claim to want educated women, but don’t know how to deal with those they meet and some say they’re intimidated by me.
While she has the option to find love from men of her age in their university, her media and communications course is dominated by female students and the only few men in their department “lack the intellectual maturity to handle conversations.”

She even revealed how she was taken aback when she tried to date undergraduate men saying:

“One cancelled our date four times because he was too busy getting drunk. In class, their conversations centre around going to gigs and smoking weed at weekends, which is not what I’m looking for in a date.”

Natasha said she prefers to date older men whom she meets through her nightclub promoter part-time job. Unfortunately, even those more mature men fail to level to her. She finds red flags on conversations she deems as immature like lads’ nights out, holidays, and sporting hobbies.

Her most recent relationship was with a DJ ten years her senior. After their breakup, she has had some men she dated but said she declined to take things further. She had an encounter with a British director whom she dumped but went defensive saying she thinks herself as a princess.

Nichi Hodgson, author of “The Curious History Of Dating: From Jane Austen To Tinder,” explains the intimidation men feel towards successful woman. She said:

“And only 20 or 30 years ago a man wanted his female partner to be smart because the assumption was that she would be the primary carer, staying at home to raise their children, who would then absorb her intellect.
Smart women raise the issue of who would take time off when they have children…After all, why should a female partner stop working if she’s studied hard for her career?
The reality is that with women getting more — and better — degrees, in the next ten to 20 years women will be smarter than men, in terms of how well they’re educated. And I don’t think men are ready for this.”

Natasha’s thoughts are not different from Becca Porter’s who graduated last year from Manchester University with a joint honours degree in history and sociology. She is now starting a master’s degree in disability studies at Leeds University but her dating life seems to have gotten stuck.

As she went to a university, Becca tends to intimidate the men she dates.

Her educational success pushes away boys who could have dated her saying that she’s “too bright for them.” As most boys from her school went to manual jobs after graduation, they think that Becca had a “high opinion” of herself for going to a university.

Becca had relationships with men who work manual jobs but none of them were successful.

Over the years though, she dated men who did manual jobs like a factory worker she once asked out while she was home for the holidays, but she was turned down when the man found out she was studying at a university. Becca said she insisted she was not too clever and they ended up on a shopping trip together for their first date.

Becca’s date, however, made it really awkward on their date as he mostly didn’t say anything to her. Her longest relationship was with a car mechanic which only lasted for a few weeks. She recalled:

“He thought I viewed myself as a big shot…Our conversations were mundane. When I tried to start an informed discussion — about religion or terrorism, for example — he had no idea how to react.
He didn’t understand that my degree meant I had a head full of information and when I asked him about his work all he could muster was that it had been ‘fine.’”

Becca dated eight undergrad men. All of which ended up in breakups. She said:

“I know deep down they didn’t see me as relatable,’ she says. ‘I get the impression they’d rather date a girl without a degree. They don’t know how to react to my different life experiences and see my education as a barrier.”

Like Natasha, Becca didn’t want to date boys of her age saying:

“The few boys I met at university came from middle-class families in which a degree was expected of them…They weren’t generally interested in their studies, whereas my degree was a big deal — I was there to learn.”

Andrea Gould is another beautiful woman with good educational background.

Another clever woman who had a long struggle in finding the right one is Andrea Gould. She is now 41 years old and finished two degrees but she says her intellect prevented her from finding the love and forming the family she has always longed for.

She said:

“Being an A-grade student has been an obstacle as much as a blessing. It has limited my choices in men.”

Andrea Gould, in her 30s, already considered freezing her eggs as she wants to have a family but can’t find the right man.

Andrea first studied English and German at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. After finishing the courses, she took up social policy at the same university. She found the men from her two courses were rather geeky in computer games but failures in their subjects. She also saw lads who were addicted to drinking and were easily intimidated by her studious nature. For these reasons, she said she “didn’t want to be around either.”

Andrea Gould says her two degrees make men constantly intimidated by her academic record, making her single over the past two decades.

Source: youtube

Andrea’s longest relationship lasted for two years during her mid-30s. She broke up with her musician boyfriend because she despised his use of cannabis. Since then, she used dating websites to find men who have similar level of education as hers. She recalled her dating venture saying:

”Men think I’m too serious. I want to talk about psychology and literature — they’re obsessed with UFOs and Harry Potter. Perhaps I’m too fussy, but I’m bored within an hour.”

Social psychologist, Dr. Elle Boag, at Birmingham City University, comments about this setup saying: “More women graduate with the expectation of being challenged by a conversation in a romantic context as well as in their careers.

This, in turn, can be intimidating for men, who often feel belittled by women who’ve outgrown them.”
But for Andrea, she said wanting to have a mature conversation should not be too much to ask for. She revealed that she is not after a man with money or high-powered career, but she sets her standards to males who, she can have an intellectual conversation with.

With her age though, Andrea already feels pressured to start her own family and such though is giving her a sense of emptiness. A solution to Andrea’s situation though is being suggested and it involves mastering the art of compromise.

Dr. Boag then concludes:

“A degree might make you think differently, but it doesn’t make you a better person. As women continue to excel, many might be better off exercising a bit more humility.”

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