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Artist Recreates How Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Lived Today





Ah, Disney princesses. Whether you agree or not, at some point in your childhood, you’ve either admired and loved them. It’s true that we’ve seen a lot of reimagined versions of these beauties, most of which are modernized. The latest being an interpretation from a well-known Chilean digital artist named Fernanda Suarez. But unlike its predecessors, this one’s without a doubt “the fairest of them all.”

Suarez first started with Snow White and then moved to illustrate a total of seven classic princesses, all in modern interpretations. These masterpieces look like your casual girl friends who love to shop at Forever 21. Heck, you might even think they got their hair prepped by the best in Hollywood. And oh, it goes without saying that their poses are Instagram-worthy.

So, without further ado, here they are!

#1. Mulan looking like a, well, hipster.

Source: DeviantArt
#2. Belle and her jean jacket did the trick. Oh, don’t forget the book!

Source: DeviantArt
#3. Jasmine has never been this good-looking and stunning. Love the “feline” look.

Source: DeviantArt
#4. If Ariel and her see-through outfit doesn’t interest you, I don’t know what else will.

Source: DeviantArt
#5. Pocahontas here deserves the hashtag #HairGoals on social media sites.

Source: DeviantArt
#6 If Snow White does this to me, I’ll definitely eat the apple myself.

Source: DeviantArt
#7. Modern Cinderella still looks sophisticated and shy.

Source: DeviantArt

Suarez isn’t just fond of recreating Disney princesses, though. She also loves to work on other pop culture icons such as Bella from Twilight, Lucio from the video game Overwatch, and Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow, among many other characters.

You can check more about her works on ArtStation and DeviantArt.