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He Went to the Woods Alone and IGNORED His Phone. There He Saw What We’re Missing!





Modern advancements in technology have helped shape today’s society. It has made our lives easier by allowing faster communication and easier access to information. However, in spite of all the benefits that we’ve gained from technology, there are also drawbacks. People have become more inclined towards their gadgets and less engaged in the real world. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see a group of people sitting beside each other but are communicating via Facebook. It kind of sucks, right?

Cinthol, a personal care products brand, aims to change such kind of thinking. They are advocating a world that does not depend on computers and mobile phones. Their latest ad campaign entitled Alive is Offline gives us an idea of what we are missing when we spend most of our waking hours tethered to our phones.

Welcome to a world without buffering. Where you hear a tweet instead of reading one. Where you live a moment and not scroll through it.

In the following video, you will see a man exploring the beauty of the world. Instead of holding on to his phone to take pictures, he experiences the wonders of nature and makes new friends.

Watch the amazing video:

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The video leaves us with a very important message: “The world is more beautiful than the world wide web.” Don’t you agree?

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