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This Guy Became Blind Because Of One Simple Mistake That So Many People Make Every Night





Several health practitioners have emphasized the importance of practicing the proper care of contact lenses. They have informed the public about the dangers of wearing the piece while taking a bath or swimming, and most importantly, of sleeping with the contacts still in them.

Some people have a habit of going to bed without removing their contact lenses, so they wake up the next day feeling unwell. First, they might think that it’s just an itchy eye coupled with a minor headache. But shortly, the pain gets worse and their eyes become red, extremely itchy, and cloudy. Until a day turns into a week of misery.

Regardless if it’s a habit or a simple error, sleeping in contacts is very dangerous.

39-year-old Chad Groeschen from Cincinnati paid that price because he thought that it was ok to wear his extended wear contacts overnight—apparently, he was wrong.

Groeschen experienced those debilitating symptoms. He suffered from a bacterial infection that spread under his left contact lens. The doctors were able to cure the infection, but the scar tissues left behind by the bacteria had blinded his left eye.

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