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This Guy Became Blind Because Of One Simple Mistake That So Many People Make Every Night

All you need to do is to remove them before you go to bed.

Several health practitioners have emphasized the importance of practicing the proper care of contact lenses. They have informed the public about the dangers of wearing the piece while taking a bath or swimming, and most importantly, of sleeping with the contacts still in them.

Some people have a habit of going to bed without removing their contact lenses, so they wake up the next day feeling unwell. First, they might think that it’s just an itchy eye coupled with a minor headache. But shortly, the pain gets worse and their eyes become red, extremely itchy, and cloudy. Until a day turns into a week of misery.

Regardless if it’s a habit or a simple error, sleeping in contacts is very dangerous.

39-year-old Chad Groeschen from Cincinnati paid that price because he thought that it was ok to wear his extended wear contacts overnight—apparently, he was wrong.

Groeschen experienced those debilitating symptoms. He suffered from a bacterial infection that spread under his left contact lens. The doctors were able to cure the infection, but the scar tissues left behind by the bacteria had blinded his left eye.

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Adorable Bookworm Cries Every Time a Book Ends

Perhaps, his parents need to grab a copy of the novel “The Neverending Story”.


Dubbed as the saddest bookworm, this adorable 10-month old baby sobs like there’s no tomorrow every time his parents finish reading him a book.

It seems that little tyke Emmett doesn’t like the ending of every children’s book because he always ends up in tears whenever his parents say “The end”. His parents, Dan and Alicia Stevers from Michigan, were able to capture the adorable moments of their young literature enthusiast turning on the waterworks every time they reach the book’s final page.

Emmett has a mini-meltdown every time we finish a book,” Dan wrote on Twitter.

With millions of views on YouTube, Emmett’s unexpected reaction is definitely one for the books....

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This Mom-to-be Chooses to Give Birth in the Sea, and Have Dolphins Serve as Midwives

She wants a dolphin-assisted birth because it’s relaxing. But what if sharks decide to tag along?


It’s not new to many of us that some mothers prefer to deliver their babies in the water. Water births have been accepted and are done even in medical institutions. But this mother-to-be might have taken the concept a step further. Dorina Rosin, a spiritual healer, intends to give birth in the wide, open seas of Hawaii, with dolphins to serve as midwives for her during the process.

Despite the dangers that she might encounter, she and her partner Maika Suneagle are determined to pursue their plan.

In fact, at 38 weeks age of gestation, Dorina already swam with the mammals as a form of blessing.

Katie Piper Extraordinary Births...

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This is What Happens When You Leave a Budding Artist Alone with Her Little Brother

Apparently, she was giving him a peanut butter scrub.


All parents know that children go through a stage when they’re wild and extremely curious; therefore, they’re noisy and playful. And no matter how chaotic things are around your home because of these children, there’s nothing much you can do about them. Besides, it's natural for children to experiment and explore their world.

So imagine that weird, uneasy feeling when a house full of rowdy children suddenly becomes very silent. As a mom, you’d probably wonder where the children are, and what in the world are they probably doing?

Gina Gardner Brown felt that kind of feeling. She was home alone with her two kids; Emily, then 3-years-old, and her 18-month-old son, Ethan. Brown soon realized how quiet the kids were so she took her video camera, turned it on, and then went to see what the kids were up to....

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