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Chinese Exec Unknowingly Live-Streams Sex with Subordinate During Conference Call Break

He was unaware that the video call was still rolling.

A manager at China’s Southern Power Grid has been embroiled in a controversial sex scandal that recently went viral in China. The male Chinese executive reportedly had sex with one of his female subordinates inside one of the meeting rooms in Southern Power Grid’ Guangzhou headquarters. The manager and his female colleague were reportedly unaware that the video equipment used from an earlier conference call was still rolling.

Based on reports, the Southern Power Grid held a video conference earlier in the day. It was attended virtually by employees from five different provinces in the country.

While the conference call was adjourned for a break, one manager allegedly decided to use the conference room to have sex with one of his colleagues.

Source: Medium

The manager and his female subordinate were both reportedly unaware that their salacious affair was being live-streamed to other Southern Power Grid offices across the country and were being seen by other company employees. They were seen on video while engaging in steamy sex.

The video was reportedly recorded and then leaked to China’s social media site Weibo before it got passed around on WeChat.

Source: Medium

Reports say the video has been scrubbed from social media by Chinese censors. The terms “Southern Power Grid” (南方电网) and the phrase “Use Love to Make Power” (用爱发电) have also become two of the most blocked terms on Weibo. This is not the first time that something sensitive like this has been censored in China, as the country is known for its strict censorship of online content.

Meanwhile, the manager being identified as the one in the video has reportedly claimed he was being framed. Reports say he will be filing libel cases against those who continue to spread rumors about him. There has been no reports or statements from the female colleague in the video.


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