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Recently Discovered Ancient Writings Suggest the Chinese Discovered America





For years and years, we’ve been taught that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas despite the fact that it’s common knowledge that the Vikings landed in the region much earlier. Well, it turns out it’s possible neither Columbus nor the Vikings should be credited for the discovery. Researchers recently unearthed more proof that suggests it was actually ancient Chinese explorers that first found the Americas.

Researchers have found ancient writings carved into rocks, and they believe these writings could mean Chinese explorers were in America long before any European ever landed there. The writings are believed to have been inscribed alongside the carvings of Native Americans from thousands of years ago.

Ancient writings could prove that the Chinese discovered the Americas.

Source: Jerry Willis

It was amateur epigraph researcher and retired chemist John Ruskamp who discovered the unique markings while he was walking in the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico. According to him, the writings suggest Chinese explorers were in the Americas around 1,300BC. That’s about 2,800 years before Columbus accidentally found the New World in 1492.

According to Ruskamp, as reported in The Vintage News:

“These ancient Chinese writings in North America cannot be fake, for the markings are very old as are the style of the scripts. As such, the findings of this scientific study confirm that ancient Chinese people were exploring and positively interacting with the Native peoples over 2,500 years ago. The pattern of the finds suggests more of an expedition than settlement.”

This discovery contradicts the more popular belief that Christopher Columbus discovered the New World.

Ruskamp claims to have discovered 84 different pictograms which are very similar to other findings in other states like California, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Nevada. What he found in Albuquerque appears to be an ancient form of writing that was used up until the end of the Shang Dynasty.

According to him:

“Although only half of the symbols found on the large boulder in Albuquerque, New Mexico have been identified and confirmed as Chinese scripts, when the four central pictogram-glyphs of this message – Jie, Da, Quan, and Xian – are read in the traditional Chinese manner from right to left, we learn about a respectful man honoring a superior with the sacrificial offering of a dog.

“Notably, the written order of these symbols conforms with the syntax used for documenting ancient Chinese rituals during the Shang and Zhou dynasties, and dog sacrifices were very popular in the second part of the second millennium B.C. in China.”

The ancient writings suggest Chinese explorers were in the Americas around 1,300BC.

Ruskamp was not the first to claim this theory of the Chinese discovering America. A retired submarine lieutenant named Gavin Menzies claimed the Chinese sailed to North America in 1421, many years before Columbus was even born.

There are those who are against this theory. Some experts say there is no strong archaeological evidence that could support the claim. However, more and more scholars and experts are starting to look into the matter.

More and more scholars are starting to pay attention to this theory.

Source: John Ruskamp

For example, Dr. Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution believes that North America was first discovered and populated by Asians during the First Ice Age. Dr. Michael Medrano, chief of the Division of Resource Management of Petroglyph National Monument, has been studying Ruskamp’s findings. And David N. Keightley, Ph.D., a MacArthur Foundation Genius Award recipient who is considered by many to be the leading analyst in America of early Chinese oracle-bone writings, is a strong supporter of Ruskamp.

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