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China’s Elevated Bus Can Drive Above Traffic Jams





No one likes getting stuck in monstrous traffic jams.

Just imagine the terrible feeling of knowing you’ll be late for work because the traffic flow isn’t exactly flowing at all.

It’s no secret that China is one of the countries in the world with the worst jams but apparently, they’ve come up with a unique solution for the problem.

Being considered as the “future of public transport,” the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) was recently presented at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo by the Beijing-based Transit Explore Bus. Although it is yet a working mini model as of the moment, the groundbreaking concept shows great potentials.

China’s Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) helps commuters avoid traffic jams as it glides over other vehicles.

china elevated bus 1

Besides, this is a bus that, as you can see in the images here, can drive over vehicles as it runs on rails. Also, it can carry up to 1,200 passengers at the same time.

The TEB is scheduled for testing in Qinhuangdao City within the year.

china elevated bus 2

Once approved, the amazing but odd-looking bus will likely hit the streets in about a year’s time. According to reports, testing for the TEB is planned to start in Qinhuangdao City within the second half of 2016.

The bus has an impressive capacity of 1,200 passengers. Construction can be completed in just one year.

china elevated bus 3

Bai Zhiming, a project engineer, said:

“With a carrying capacity of 1,200 people at a time, the TEB has the same functions as the subway, while its cost of construction is less than one fifth that of the subway. Its construction can be finished in one year.”

Watch the video here:

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If this pushes through, we can only look in envy as the Chinese people enjoy something the rest of us can only dream off – traffic-free roads.

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