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Gang In China Arrested For Selling Rat Meat as Fake Pork And Beef





I don’t know what’s safe in China anymore. Recent news revealed that the Ministry of Public Security has arrested a gang of traders using rat, fox, and mink meat and then selling them as pork and beef. The reports tell us that 63 individuals were arrested for “hunting and buying rat and other meat products that had not undergone inspection.”

This discovery made headlines as the shocked public repeatedly spread the news on social media to warn other consumers about it.

The Ministry of Public Security has arrested 63 persons for selling rat meat as pork and beef.

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According to The Maharlikan, the controversial meat was “doused in gelatin, red pigment and nitrates, and sold as pork and beef in Shanghai and adjacent Jiangsu Province for about $1.6 million.” No further information about how the rats and other animals were hunted or acquired.

Authorities found out that rat meat was “doused in gelatin, red pigment, and nitrates.”

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Since January, the Ministry has been very aggressive in their quest to “attack food safety crimes and defend the safety of the dining table.” So far, the authorities have successfully captured 904 individuals who are suspected of selling fake, diseased, or toxic meat. 1,721 factories and shops have likewise been questioned.

We hope more arrests will be made in the near future so similar cases can be avoided. The world has gotten really scary not only because of recent terrorists attacks but for silent killers such as the bad food that make it to our plates and then into our stomachs.


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