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China Gets New Coronavirus Cases, Reports That They Are Mostly Imported

None came from Hubei province, according to authorities.

  • The new coronavirus cases came in China after several days of decline.
  • None of the new cases came from Hubei province, the virus epicenter
  • Wuhan has began easing restrictions, with transportation running and shops opening.

Despite reports of China getting back on its feet after the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the country, it doesn’t mean that curve is already totally flat. As of March 30, China has tallied at least 48 new cases, which they say are all imported.

The new cases came after several days of decline. There were no new ones reported in Hubei province, the original epicenter of the virus, although one patient died in Wuhan.

Things are slowly getting back to normal in Wuhan, the nation’s virus epicenter.

Health officials reported that there are no local transmissions of the virus, as per figures released by their National Health Commission.

Wuhan, where the virus originated, has begun easing the restrictions that were first put in place in January. Bus and rail services have resumed and many shops are now open, although many still practice restrictions to limit the number of people who can enter an establishment.

Transportation resumed operations in Wuhan.
Shops have reopened, but are still practicing precautions.

Shop owners also check customers for signs of fever and have set up hand sanitizer dispensers.

The train station reopened to service the thousands of people going to and from Wuhan, considered the transportation and manufacturing hub of central China.
The final restrictions that bar people from exiting Wuhan are scheduled to be lifted on April 8.

China’s now concerned about travellers bringing the virus back to the country, which is a reverse of what happened before, when it was people from China spreading the virus to other countries.

Health screening and quarantine protocols have stepped up in Beijing in order to lessen the number of international flights and deny entry to most foreigners.

Ten of the latest imported cases came from northern China’s Inner Mongolia region. These involve travellers whose flights changed courses from Beijing to the city of Hohhot.

Eleven new imported cases were reported in Shanghai, mostly from Chinese nationals returning from abroad. Beijing tallied three new imported cases.

As of latest count from the National Health Commission, China has around 81,518 cases and 3,305 deaths. As of the moment, United States, Spain, and Italy have overtaken China with most number of infected cases globally.

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