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This Cheating Girlfriend Experiment Proves That Most Men Are Scumbags

Social Experiment revealed how men would react when a woman in a relationship asked to “hook up”.


Asian viral video creator, Josh Paler Lin teamed up with Lauren Caster and came up with a social experiment on cheating. Lauren plays the part of Josh’ girlfriend as she goes around the city of San Francisco asking guys to hang with her or go out with her, knowing she has a boyfriend.

We were surprised at the reaction of the guys Lauren asked because it says a lot on how people view relationships and cheating these days. These two pranksters upped the ante when Lauren mentioned she was engaged. We found the last guy’s reaction totally insane.

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We suggest that you be very careful the next time a pretty girl asks you out even when she’s already mentioned that she is already in a relationship. You just might find yourself the subject of hoots and laughter from a viral audience.



Sperm Donor Who Fathered Over 800 Children Says He Advertises Through Facebook

This is one heck of a father!

Simon Watson, a British man who is thought to be the world’s most productive sperm donor, claims he has father over 800 children in 16 years. He finds his clients through Facebook by advertising his sperm donation services. He offers this, as he terms it his “magic potion”, at £50.

Watson who is from Wembley, London said he has helped people from 12 countries around the world including Spain and Taiwan. He meets women in hotels and car parks, from the UK and other parts of the world, every week and delivers his sperm.

In October 2015, he posted on Facebook that a first time client told him that it was a success in 3 days, and it was three first time tries. He said that he must be slowing down that year because in 2014 he got 3 pregnant within 8 hours. His Facebook page is full of pictures of his biological children and success stories.

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Scientists Discover a Hormone Spray that Makes Men More Attractive to Women

Wait! Don’t throw your Lynx Africa out just yet.

What makes a man attractive? What turns women on? Women naturally fall for guys who look good. I mean, who wouldn’t, right?

As human beings we know how to appreciate beautiful creatures; therefore, a bloke with a soulful pair of eyes; a set of pearly, white teeth; and a strong and lean physique won’t have trouble getting attention from the ladies, right?

But for an average Joe who finds it extremely difficult to get the girl he likes to even notice him or for someone who dreams of being chased by gorgeous women (just like in the TV Ad), this might be the solution to your problem:

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Scientists Discover Wasp Venom as Potential Cure for Cancer

If you think wasps cause nothing but pain and suffering, think again.


If you think wasps cause nothing but pain and suffering, think again.

New research findings recently published in the Biophysical Journal showed that the venom of wasp species Polybia paulista can target cancerous cells and attack its cell membrane, ultimately leading to cell death. The antimicrobial peptide aptly known as Polybia-MP1 which was extracted from the venom of Polybia paulista was found to inhibit numerous types of cancerous cells. It has also been found that the venom is selective in the sense that it doesn't target noncancerous cells! How awesome is that? And to further add to its badassery, the venom also exhibited bactericidal activities against bacteria. Take that, cancer!

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