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Got Love But No Money On Valentine’s Day? No Worries! Check Out These Ideas





Not everyone likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not everyone cares about getting dates, going to fancy romantic dinners, buying bouquets of roses or gigantic stuffed bear or preparing big surprises for your partner.

But for those who care, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about preparing something super fancy for your partner. In fact, you don’t need to spend everything you have to give your loved one a special date. Here are some tips on how to avoid overspending, yet retain the amour on V-day.

Be creative.

Be creative.

Let out your creative side and make something unique for your boyfriend/girlfriend. When you create something, you put effort into it and that matters just as much as spending a lot over material things.

Go old school with love letters.

Go old school with love letters.

Source: Pexels

In this age of modern technology, letter writing becomes rare. Why not go old school and put your feelings into words? It’s surely a sweet gesture your lady or man would appreciate.

DIY romantic blanket fort.

DIY romantic blanket fort.

Buzzfeed’s Daniel Dalton shared some instructions on how to make a blanket fort that you can use at home. Fancy dinners got nothing on this DIY love nest. With this project, it’s guaranteed you’re gonna score some action later on!

Snuggle and play some video games together. This is a perfect date for gamers.


Ditch the theaters. This is much sweeter.


Cuddle with your boo and enjoy your favorite movies together. Make it extra special by starting from sun up to sun down and just focusing on each other the entire day.

Be either Jamie Oliver or Rachael Ray and cook up a simple, yet special dinner for two.

Having a special time with your loved one should not be done only on Valentine’s Day. Every day should be an opportunity to show your partner that he or she is loved and appreciated.

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