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Awesome Cat Teaches Baby How To Walk Using A Walker





Teaching a baby how to walk can be a tricky thing. Ask any parent and they’ll likely tell you that it sure requires lots of practice and patience.

Fortunately for the parents of a baby boy, they’ve got some extra help – from their own pet cat.

This cute baby boy can’t walk on his own yet. So his equally-adorable pet cat showed him how!

Source: YouTube

In the viral video below, you’ll see the furry animal standing and walking with the aid of a walker. Clearly, he’s showing his little human master how it’s done.

The demonstration surely provided some much-needed motivation.

Source: YouTube

Obviously, the young child is a quick learner as we see him getting up and taking his turn on the walker, immitating his feline buddy.

Watch the viral video here and see for yourself:

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Netizens, of course, are so mind-blown they couldn’t help but react to the cute clip.

Source: YouTube

One YouTube user, for example, commented:

“There’s NO words for how CUTE and cool that is!”

Another wrote:

“This is an awesome cat!”

Meanwhile, a netizen also jokingly added:

“Pretty soon there will be videos on the web of cats teaching Astrophysics at this rate! Only a matter of time.”

Aside from getting a lot of social media, love the adorable cat and baby tandem has likewise received attention from various media outfits. So far, however, the identity of the child, his parents, and his pet (or even which area the footage was taken) remain unknown as of this writing.

Kudos to these two! They clearly love each other.

Source: YouTube

On a side note, this video reminds us of that funny moment when a hungry dog said “Mama” before a toddler did. That hilarious story went viral too, much to the delight of animal lovers everywhere.

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