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Cat Meets Another Member of the Feline Family…and Its Reaction Is Priceless!





Bub is just like your ordinary house cat – he loves his human (although it doesn’t show much) and he also loves meeting his friends. However, when his human brought him to an Exotic Feline Rescue Center to meet his cousin, it wasn’t the typical social call Bub expected.

The video below shows the fateful meeting between Bub the cat and two of his feline cousins – tigers. At first the tigers were curious and wary of Bub and were just checking him out. Pretty soon, the tigers were all chummy and eager to get closer to the cat. Bub, however, had other plans.

Watch the video below and see their cute meet-and-greet session:

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Bub’s round saucer eyes are just adorable! However, I just can’t help but also feel sad for the poor kitty, as he’s visibly stressed by the reunion. Let’s just hope that the next time they meet, Bub will be more ready to face his cousins.

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