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Woman Playing With G** Accidentally Shoots Man’s Head On Facebook Live

The incident left the victim in a critical condition.

Houston police are investigating a sick incident involving a man who was accidentally shot in the head inside a car. The three people involved were reportedly inside the vehicle in a petrol station carpark during the gruesome incident and it was all captured in a Facebook live video.

The said footage recorded two people playing around with two handguns. The victim named Devyn Holmes can be heard saying, “You’re making me nervous.” One of them replied, “It ain’t got no clip, bud.”

A Facebook Live video has captured a man getting accidentally shot in the head.

Source: Jam Press

Holmes, 26, was trying to stop Cassandra Damper from waving the g** while inside the vehicle, but she kept clamoring about “lying ass hoes.” He even asks where she is from and she replies, “Say something bitch.” Seconds later, the trigger is pulled and the bullet goes straight to Holmes’ head.

Damper and the other guy quickly jumped out of the car, but their act was fully captured by a CCTV camera. After hearing the commotion, people nearby went straight to see if they could help.

Authorities and emergency services immediately came and Holmes was rushed to the Ben Taub Hospital. Unfortunately, he was reportedly in a critical condition.

Damper even tried to tamper evidence, as she wipped off g** residue from her hands.

Source: Jam Press

Holmes’ brother named Kendric was quoted in an interview saying:

To me, he’s my backbone. To his whole family, whenever problems go down, he’ll be right there to pick us all up.

The police questioned the other two people involved. Later on, Damper was arrested on suspicion of tampering with evidence as she allegedly wiped off g** residue from her hands.

The other person, however, was not charged.

Holmes, who was in a critical condition, was immediately rushed to the hospital

Source: Jam Press

Damper told the authorities that, in one way or another, she did not have any idea that the g** was loaded. The case is expected to be referred to a Grand Jury in order to see if more charges will be filed.

Facebook Live has captured a plethora of accidental deaths since its inception. From m****** to suicides, the feature became a tool for revealing the truth behind an incident. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg admits that working to keep the essence of the live feature has been a rigorous task for him and his team. Clearly, Damper’s case is one of the many reasons.

Watch the footage below:

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