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Mom Causes Uproar After Posting Breastfeeding Yoga Pictures Online

Some are calling it "unhygienic" and inappropriate.

A mom who is fond of spiritual yoga has recently caused an uproar on Instagram — thanks to her peculiar way of introducing yoga. Carlee Benear, 30, is incorporating both breastfeeding and menstrual bleeding in her practice. And like any other odd practice, this has earned her a name on social media sites.

Carlee started practicing yoga after giving birth to her second child. She thought that through it, she could fight postpartum depression. Interestingly, it did.

This 30-year-old mom is making waves on Instagram due to her unique yoga practice.

But her controversy came to rise after posting a photo depicting her free-bleeding while on a yoga stance. And oh, she did all of this while her children were seemingly hugging her. Apparently, her photo was taken down after receiving reports from various users.

For Carlee, a healthy monthly cycle should be deemed a “blessing.” And although she has to take care of her three children, she makes sure that she does not miss a single practice. She considers yoga as a way to learn “the best lessons of life.”

Not only does she pose yoga stance while breastfeeding, she also does it while having her monthly bleeding.

She was quoted saying:

This is the blood they came from and after birthing them into my husband’s hands, we all have a great appreciation for it.

Having my son come find me first thing in the morning to give me a loving embrace as he missed me while he slept is never going to be shunned in my house.

Carlee reiterated that, in some ways, we tend to forget how fortunate they are when the stresses of life rise. Hence, for her, we must find a means to remind ourselves that this is just how life is – “beautiful and full in every moment.”

Some internet users were then quick to point out, saying that what she does is “unhygienic.”

Still, the criticisms she receives are not enough to veer her away from her yoga beliefs.

Unfortunately, to some, Carlee’s perspective is unacceptable. Not only do they see the said photo as “unhygienic,” it was also nothing but “self-important.”

Instead of fighting her bashers, she sees them as people who are merely releasing their “temporary stress.” Still, she thinks that with the Internet technology, people have a screen that makes them invisible as well as their words acceptable.

She is also questioned about her decision to incorporate yoga and breastfeeding together. Carlee believes that breastfeeding yoga is all about putting time towards something that is natural and necessary. Likewise, it gives her some self-love and me-time altogether.

Carlee believes that a woman’s monthly cycle is a “blessing.”

Describing how yoga helped her connect with her children more effectively, she has this to say:

Yoga has helped me dive into motherhood and become the mother I always dreamed of, it gave my children the mother they need.

One who is loving, supportive and can react with patience – and in turn they’re being brought up in a home they can feel accepted and learn to accept others.

For her, this practice has helped her gain a stronger bond with her children.

Carlee encourages people to do whatever they feel like doing as long as it makes them happy. More importantly, she asks them to refrain from judgment, as being accepting is what makes “human experience so beautiful.”

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